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......@@ -2714,10 +2714,13 @@ FIT uImage format:
Define CONFIG_FB_ADDR if you want to use specific
address for frame buffer.
Then system will reserve the frame buffer address to
defined address instead of lcd_setmem (this function
grabs the memory for frame buffer by panel's size).
address for frame buffer. This is typically the case
when using a graphics controller has separate video
memory. U-Boot will then place the frame buffer at
the given address instead of dynamically reserving it
in system RAM by calling lcd_setmem(), which grabs
the memory for the frame buffer depending on the
configured panel size.
Please see board_init_f function.
......@@ -888,7 +888,7 @@ int lcd_display_bitmap(ulong bmp_image, int x, int y)
/* We support displaying 8bpp BMPs on 16bpp LCDs */
if (bpix != bmp_bpix && (bmp_bpix != 8 || bpix != 16 || bpix != 32)) {
if (bpix != bmp_bpix && !(bmp_bpix == 8 && bpix == 16)) {
printf ("Error: %d bit/pixel mode, but BMP has %d bit/pixel\n",
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