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patman: Make command methods return a CommandResult

Rather than returning a list of things, return an object. That makes it
easier to access the returned items, and easier to extend the return
value later.
Signed-off-by: default avatarSimon Glass <>
parent 71162e3c
...@@ -20,53 +20,93 @@ ...@@ -20,53 +20,93 @@
# #
import os import os
import subprocess import cros_subprocess
"""Shell command ease-ups for Python.""" """Shell command ease-ups for Python."""
def RunPipe(pipeline, infile=None, outfile=None, class CommandResult:
capture=False, oneline=False, hide_stderr=False): """A class which captures the result of executing a command.
stdout: stdout obtained from command, as a string
stderr: stderr obtained from command, as a string
return_code: Return code from command
exception: Exception received, or None if all ok
def __init__(self):
self.stdout = None
self.stderr = None
self.return_code = None
self.exception = None
def RunPipe(pipe_list, infile=None, outfile=None,
capture=False, capture_stderr=False, oneline=False,
cwd=None, **kwargs):
""" """
Perform a command pipeline, with optional input/output filenames. Perform a command pipeline, with optional input/output filenames.
hide_stderr Don't allow output of stderr (default False) Args:
pipe_list: List of command lines to execute. Each command line is
piped into the next, and is itself a list of strings. For
example [ ['ls', '.git'] ['wc'] ] will pipe the output of
'ls .git' into 'wc'.
infile: File to provide stdin to the pipeline
outfile: File to store stdout
capture: True to capture output
capture_stderr: True to capture stderr
oneline: True to strip newline chars from output
kwargs: Additional keyword arguments to cros_subprocess.Popen()
CommandResult object
""" """
result = CommandResult()
last_pipe = None last_pipe = None
pipeline = list(pipe_list)
while pipeline: while pipeline:
cmd = pipeline.pop(0) cmd = pipeline.pop(0)
kwargs = {}
if last_pipe is not None: if last_pipe is not None:
kwargs['stdin'] = last_pipe.stdout kwargs['stdin'] = last_pipe.stdout
elif infile: elif infile:
kwargs['stdin'] = open(infile, 'rb') kwargs['stdin'] = open(infile, 'rb')
if pipeline or capture: if pipeline or capture:
kwargs['stdout'] = subprocess.PIPE kwargs['stdout'] = cros_subprocess.PIPE
elif outfile: elif outfile:
kwargs['stdout'] = open(outfile, 'wb') kwargs['stdout'] = open(outfile, 'wb')
if hide_stderr: if capture_stderr:
kwargs['stderr'] = open('/dev/null', 'wb') kwargs['stderr'] = cros_subprocess.PIPE
last_pipe = subprocess.Popen(cmd, **kwargs) try:
last_pipe = cros_subprocess.Popen(cmd, cwd=cwd, **kwargs)
except Exception, err:
result.exception = err
print 'exception', pipe_list, err
raise Exception("Error running '%s': %s" % (pipe_list, str))
if capture: if capture:
ret = last_pipe.communicate()[0] result.stdout, result.stderr, result.combined = (
if not ret: last_pipe.CommunicateFilter(None))
return None if result.stdout and oneline:
elif oneline: result.output = result.stdout.rstrip('\r\n')
return ret.rstrip('\r\n') result.return_code = last_pipe.wait()
return ret
else: else:
return os.waitpid(, 0)[1] == 0 result.return_code = os.waitpid(, 0)[1]
if result.return_code:
raise Exception("Error running '%s'" % pipe_list)
return result
def Output(*cmd): def Output(*cmd):
return RunPipe([cmd], capture=True) return RunPipe([cmd], capture=True).stdout
def OutputOneLine(*cmd): def OutputOneLine(*cmd, **kwargs):
return RunPipe([cmd], capture=True, oneline=True) return (RunPipe([cmd], capture=True, oneline=True,
def Run(*cmd, **kwargs): def Run(*cmd, **kwargs):
return RunPipe([cmd], **kwargs) return RunPipe([cmd], **kwargs).stdout
def RunList(cmd): def RunList(cmd):
return RunPipe([cmd], capture=True) return RunPipe([cmd], capture=True).stdout
def StopAll():
cros_subprocess.stay_alive = False
...@@ -40,7 +40,7 @@ def CountCommitsToBranch(): ...@@ -40,7 +40,7 @@ def CountCommitsToBranch():
""" """
pipe = [['git', 'log', '--no-color', '--oneline', '@{upstream}..'], pipe = [['git', 'log', '--no-color', '--oneline', '@{upstream}..'],
['wc', '-l']] ['wc', '-l']]
stdout = command.RunPipe(pipe, capture=True, oneline=True) stdout = command.RunPipe(pipe, capture=True, oneline=True).stdout
patch_count = int(stdout) patch_count = int(stdout)
return patch_count return patch_count
...@@ -346,7 +346,7 @@ def GetMetaData(start, count): ...@@ -346,7 +346,7 @@ def GetMetaData(start, count):
""" """
pipe = [['git', 'log', '--no-color', '--reverse', 'HEAD~%d' % start, pipe = [['git', 'log', '--no-color', '--reverse', 'HEAD~%d' % start,
'-n%d' % count]] '-n%d' % count]]
stdout = command.RunPipe(pipe, capture=True) stdout = command.RunPipe(pipe, capture=True).stdout
series = Series() series = Series()
ps = PatchStream(series, is_log=True) ps = PatchStream(series, is_log=True)
for line in stdout.splitlines(): for line in stdout.splitlines():
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