Commit a8b993eb authored by Jon Loeliger's avatar Jon Loeliger Committed by Tom Rini
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build: Use filechk rules to create and update

Prior to this patch, the top-level linker script
used a simple $(call if_changed) check when generated.
That mechanism misses cases where a possible include file
change induces a change in the too.

This patch converts it to a stronger check using ($call filechk)
that will also notice differences in file contents and
will catch changes due to pre-processing as well.
Signed-off-by: default avatarJon Loeliger <>
parent e0ba9299
......@@ -1093,12 +1093,13 @@ depend dep:
@echo '*** Warning: make $@ is unnecessary now.'
# ---------------------------------------------------------------------------
quiet_cmd_cpp_lds = LDS $@
cmd_cpp_lds = $(CPP) -Wp,-MD,$(depfile) $(cpp_flags) $(LDPPFLAGS) -ansi \
-D__ASSEMBLY__ -x assembler-with-cpp -P -o $@ $<
define filechk_ubootlds
($(CPP) -Wp,-MD,$(depfile) $(cpp_flags) $(LDPPFLAGS) -ansi \
-D__ASSEMBLY__ -x assembler-with-cpp -P -o - -)
endef $(LDSCRIPT) prepare FORCE
$(call if_changed_dep,cpp_lds)
$(call filechk,ubootlds)
PHONY += nand_spl
nand_spl: prepare
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