Commit abcac872 authored by stroese's avatar stroese
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Fix output for "Unprotecting".

parent 38a95195
......@@ -463,7 +463,8 @@ int flash_sect_protect (int p, ulong addr_first, ulong addr_last)
if (s_first[bank]>=0 && s_first[bank]<=s_last[bank]) {
debug ("Protecting sectors %d..%d in bank %ld\n",
debug ("%sProtecting sectors %d..%d in bank %ld\n",
p ? "" : "Un-",
s_first[bank], s_last[bank], bank+1);
protected += s_last[bank] - s_first[bank] + 1;
for (i=s_first[bank]; i<=s_last[bank]; ++i) {
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