Commit abe307dd authored by Bo Shen's avatar Bo Shen Committed by Andreas Bießmann
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ARM: atmel: add pcr related definition

Using CPU_HAS_PCR micro to present the SoC has pcr
(peripheral control register).
Signed-off-by: default avatarBo Shen <>
Signed-off-by: default avatarAndreas Bießmann <>
parent b24c1a10
......@@ -54,7 +54,7 @@ typedef struct at91_pmc {
u32 reserved5[21];
u32 wpmr; /* 0xE4 Write Protect Mode Register (CAP0) */
u32 wpsr; /* 0xE8 Write Protect Status Register (CAP0) */
#ifdef CPU_HAS_PCR
u32 reserved6[8];
u32 pcer1; /* 0x100 Periperial Clock Enable Register 1 */
u32 pcdr1; /* 0x104 Periperial Clock Disable Register 1 */
......@@ -188,6 +188,7 @@
#define CPU_HAS_PIO3
#define PIO_SCDR_DIV 0x3fff
#define CPU_HAS_PCR
* PMECC table in ROM
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