Commit b823c8cd authored by Jason Jin's avatar Jason Jin Committed by jason
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ColdFire:Fix the configuration broken for some boards.

Some typoes in Makefile and boards.cfg make the M54455 board
and M53017 board configuration broken.
Signed-off-by: default avatarJason Jin <>
parent a1118d60
......@@ -724,6 +724,7 @@ M54455EVB_stm33_config : unconfig
cp $(obj)board/freescale/m54455evb/u-boot.stm $(obj)board/freescale/m54455evb/ ; \
fi; \
echo "#define CONFIG_SYS_INPUT_CLKSRC $${FREQ}" >> $(obj)include/config.h ; \
$(XECHO) "... with $${FREQ}Hz input clock"
@$(MKCONFIG) -n $@ -a M54455EVB m68k mcf5445x m54455evb freescale
M5475AFE_config \
......@@ -279,7 +279,7 @@ M5271EVB m68k mcf52x2 m5271evb freesca
M5272C3 m68k mcf52x2 m5272c3 freescale
M5275EVB m68k mcf52x2 m5275evb freescale
M5282EVB m68k mcf52x2 m5282evb freescale
M53017EVB m68k mcf52x2 m53017evb freescale
M53017EVB m68k mcf532x m53017evb freescale
EP2500 m68k mcf52x2 ep2500 Mercury
microblaze-generic microblaze microblaze microblaze-generic xilinx
dbau1000 mips mips32 dbau1x00 - au1x00 dbau1x00:DBAU1000
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