Commit bc4e14c4 authored by Simon Glass's avatar Simon Glass Committed by Wolfgang Denk
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arm: Correct build error introduced by getenv_ulong() patch

Commit dc8bbea0

 removed a local variable that is used in most ARM boards.

Since we want to avoid an 'unused variable' warning with later compilers,
and the #ifdef logic of whether this variable is required is bit painful,
this declares the variable local to the block of code that needs it.
Signed-off-by: default avatarSimon Glass <>
parent aab773a4
......@@ -477,13 +477,14 @@ void board_init_r(gd_t *id, ulong dest_addr)
flash_size = flash_init();
if (flash_size > 0) {
char *s = getenv("flashchecksum");
print_size(flash_size, "");
* Compute and print flash CRC if flashchecksum is set to 'y'
* NOTE: Maybe we should add some WATCHDOG_RESET()? XXX
s = getenv("flashchecksum");
if (s && (*s == 'y')) {
printf(" CRC: %08X", crc32(0,
(const unsigned char *) CONFIG_SYS_FLASH_BASE,
......@@ -566,9 +567,12 @@ void board_init_r(gd_t *id, ulong dest_addr)
/* Initialize from environment */
load_addr = getenv_ulong("loadaddr", 16, load_addr);
#if defined(CONFIG_CMD_NET)
s = getenv("bootfile");
if (s != NULL)
copy_filename(BootFile, s, sizeof(BootFile));
char *s = getenv("bootfile");
if (s != NULL)
copy_filename(BootFile, s, sizeof(BootFile));
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