Commit bdf81611 authored by Stephen Warren's avatar Stephen Warren Committed by Marek Vasut

usb: ci_udc: fix freeing of ep0 req

ci_ep_alloc_request() avoids allocating multiple request objects for ep0
by keeping a record of the first req allocated for ep0, and always
returning that instead of allocating a new req. However, if this req is
ever freed, the record of the previous allocation is not cleared, so
ci_ep_alloc_request() will keep returning this stale pointer. Fix
ci_ep_free_request() to clear the record of the previous allocation.
Signed-off-by: default avatarStephen Warren <>
parent 43a8f25b
......@@ -221,9 +221,14 @@ ci_ep_alloc_request(struct usb_ep *ep, unsigned int gfp_flags)
static void ci_ep_free_request(struct usb_ep *ep, struct usb_request *req)
struct ci_req *ci_req;
struct ci_ep *ci_ep = container_of(ep, struct ci_ep, ep);
struct ci_req *ci_req = container_of(req, struct ci_req, req);
int num;
num = ci_ep->desc->bEndpointAddress & USB_ENDPOINT_NUMBER_MASK;
if (num == 0)
controller.ep0_req = 0;
ci_req = container_of(req, struct ci_req, req);
if (ci_req->b_buf)
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