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U-Boot version environment variable "ver" added (CONFIG_VERSION_VARIABLE).

parent 0587597c
......@@ -620,6 +620,13 @@ The following options need to be configured:
SIU Watchdog feature is enabled in the SYPCR
- U-Boot Version:
If this variable is defined, an environment variable
named "ver" is created by U-Boot showing the U-Boot
version as printed by the "version" command.
This variable is readonly.
- Real-Time Clock:
When CFG_CMD_DATE is selected, the type of the RTC
......@@ -733,7 +740,7 @@ The following options need to be configured:
16,7 Mill (24bit) 315 318 31b
(i.e. setenv videomode 317; saveenv; reset;)
Enable Epson SED13806 driver. This driver supports 8bpp
and 16bpp modes defined by CONFIG_VIDEO_SED13806_8BPP
......@@ -1973,6 +1980,13 @@ the board). U-Boot refuses to delete or overwrite these variables
once they have been set once.
Further special Environment Variables:
ver - Contains the U-Boot version string as printed
with the "version" command. This variable is
Please note that changes to some configuration parameters may take
only effect after the next boot (yes, that's just like Windoze :-).
......@@ -2381,18 +2395,18 @@ U-Boot supports the following image types:
to boot over the network using BOOTP etc., where the boot
server provides just a single image file, but you want to get
for instance an OS kernel and a RAMDisk image.
"Multi-File Images" start with a list of image sizes, each
image size (in bytes) specified by an "uint32_t" in network
byte order. This list is terminated by an "(uint32_t)0".
Immediately after the terminating 0 follow the images, one by
one, all aligned on "uint32_t" boundaries (size rounded up to
a multiple of 4 bytes).
"Firmware Images" are binary images containing firmware (like
U-Boot or FPGA images) which usually will be programmed to
flash memory.
"Script files" are command sequences that will be executed by
U-Boot's command interpreter; this feature is especially
useful when you configure U-Boot to use a real shell (hush)
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