Commit c6afa113 authored by Sam Protsenko's avatar Sam Protsenko Committed by Tom Rini
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arm: dra7xx: Define Android partition table

"fastboot oem format" command reuses "gpt write" command, which in turn
requires correct partitions defined in $partitions variable. This patch
adds such definition of Android partitions for DRA7XX EVM board.

By default $partitions variable contains Linux partition table. In order
to prepare Android environment one can run next commands from U-Boot

    => env set partitions $partitions_android
    => env save

After those operations one can go to fastboot mode and perform
"fastboot oem format" to create Android partition table.

While at it, enable CONFIG_RANDOM_UUID to spare user from providing
UUIDs for each partition manually.
Signed-off-by: default avatarSam Protsenko <>
Reviewed-by: default avatarTom Rini <>
parent 23a004a6
......@@ -44,8 +44,25 @@
/* Define the default GPT table for eMMC */
/* Linux partitions */ \
"uuid_disk=${uuid_gpt_disk};" \
"name=rootfs,start=2MiB,size=-,uuid=${uuid_gpt_rootfs}\0" \
/* Android partitions */ \
"partitions_android=" \
"uuid_disk=${uuid_gpt_disk};" \
"name=xloader,start=128K,size=128K,uuid=${uuid_gpt_xloader};" \
"name=bootloader,size=384K,uuid=${uuid_gpt_bootloader};" \
"name=environment,size=128K,uuid=${uuid_gpt_environment};" \
"name=misc,size=128K,uuid=${uuid_gpt_misc};" \
"name=efs,start=1280K,size=16M,uuid=${uuid_gpt_efs};" \
"name=crypto,size=16K,uuid=${uuid_gpt_crypto};" \
"name=recovery,size=10M,uuid=${uuid_gpt_recovery};" \
"name=boot,size=10M,uuid=${uuid_gpt_boot};" \
"name=system,size=768M,uuid=${uuid_gpt_system};" \
"name=cache,size=256M,uuid=${uuid_gpt_cache};" \
"name=ipu1,size=1M,uuid=${uuid_gpt_ipu1};" \
"name=ipu2,size=1M,uuid=${uuid_gpt_ipu2};" \
#define DFU_ALT_INFO_MMC \
"dfu_alt_info_mmc=" \
......@@ -116,6 +133,7 @@
/* Enhance our eMMC support / experience. */
/* CPSW Ethernet */
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