Commit c7379149 authored by Ilya Yanok's avatar Ilya Yanok Committed by Wolfgang Denk
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patman: don't mess with signoffs

Currently patman assumes that there should be only one Signoff line
and this is obviously incorrect: we often have to work with patches
containing other people signoffs. Moreover, it's really desirable
to preserve the comments between signoffs.

So until some sophisticated signoff processing will be developed I
suggest just don't mess with signoffs at all and treat them like
plain text lines. The only drawback I've found so far is the case
where you have a patch with someones else signoff but not yours and
also have to patman tags under signoff line. In this case you will
get extra empty line between signoffs.
Signed-off-by: default avatarIlya Yanok <>
parent 73fe07a7
......@@ -46,7 +46,7 @@ re_cover = re.compile('^Cover-letter:')
re_series = re.compile('^Series-(\w*): *(.*)')
# Commit tags that we want to collect and keep
re_tag = re.compile('^(Tested-by|Acked-by|Signed-off-by|Cc): (.*)')
re_tag = re.compile('^(Tested-by|Acked-by|Cc): (.*)')
# The start of a new commit in the git log
re_commit = re.compile('^commit (.*)')
......@@ -241,15 +241,8 @@ class PatchStream:
# Detect tags in the commit message
elif tag_match:
# Onlly allow a single signoff tag
if == 'Signed-off-by':
if self.signoff:
self.warn.append('Patch has more than one Signed-off-by '
self.signoff += [line]
# Remove Tested-by self, since few will take much notice
elif ( == 'Tested-by' and
if ( == 'Tested-by' and'USER') + '@') != -1):
self.warn.append("Ignoring %s" % line)
elif == 'Cc':
......@@ -288,8 +281,6 @@ class PatchStream:
# Output the tags (signeoff first), then change list
out = []
if self.signoff:
out += self.signoff
log = self.series.MakeChangeLog(self.commit)
out += self.FormatTags(self.tags)
out += [line] + log
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