Commit cc4f427b authored by Stephen Warren's avatar Stephen Warren Committed by Tom Rini

dts/Makefile: simplify dtc invocation

The invocation of dtc is significantly more complex that it could be,
in order to work around an issue on old versions of dtc, which print
a message to stdout every time they run.

Remove this workaround, on the assumption that people have or will
upgrade to a newer version of dtc. This simplifies the build rule

Related, split the invocation of cpp and dtc into separate commands
rather than a pipeline, so that if either fail, it is detected. This has
the nice benefit of saving off the result of the pre-processing step,
allowing it to be easily inspected.

Assuming a new enough dtc (which an earlier patch enforces), dtc will
parse #line directives in its input file, and generate correct file and
line numbers in error messages, even though cpp is unconditionally
applied to its input file.
Signed-off-by: default avatarStephen Warren <>
Acked-by: default avatarSimon Glass <>
parent 6697d558
......@@ -16,6 +16,7 @@
# Build tree
......@@ -35,13 +35,8 @@ all: $(obj).depend $(LIB)
DT_BIN := $(obj)dt.dtb
$(DT_BIN): $(TOPDIR)/board/$(VENDOR)/dts/$(DEVICE_TREE).dts
rc=$$( \
cat $< | $(CPP) -P $(DTS_CPPFLAGS) - | \
{ { $(DTC) -R 4 -p 0x1000 -O dtb -o ${DT_BIN} - 2>&1 ; \
echo $$? >&3 ; } | \
grep -v '^DTC: dts->dtb on file' ; \
} 3>&1 1>&2 ) ; \
exit $$rc
$(CPP) -P $(DTS_CPPFLAGS) $< -o $(DT_BIN).dts.tmp
$(DTC) -R 4 -p 0x1000 -O dtb -o ${DT_BIN} $(DT_BIN).dts.tmp
process_lds = \
$(1) | sed -r -n 's/^OUTPUT_$(2)[ ("]*([^")]*).*/\1/p'
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