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Patch by Bill Hargen, 09 Dec 2003.

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Changes since U-Boot 1.0.0:
* Patch by Bill Hargen, 09 Dec 2003:
- BUBINGA405EP: changed flash driver to protect top sector containing
first instruction.
- BUBINGA405EP: configured "eeprom" command to access boot config EEPROM.
- BUBINGA405EP: fixed PLL init (init chip selects before FPGA/NVRAM access).
- 405EP: fixed SPD-based SDRAM init (only use banks 0 and 1).
- 405EP: added/fixed support for "reginfo" command.
- 4xx: removed spurious MII error messages on "mii info" command.
* Patch by Bernhard Kuhn, 28 Nov 2003:
add support for Coldfire CPU
add support for Motorola M5272C3 and M5282EVB boards
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