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The readme explains installing from the deb pacakge
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Mainline u-boot support
This is a mainline based version of u-boot that supports the Librem5. You can install it from the phone when booted to linux.
Install using deb package
Download the deb artifact `u-boot-librem5_2022.04-librem5.1_arm64.deb` from the pipeline of
On the phone run :
`sudo dpkg -i u-boot-librem5_2022.04-librem5.1_arm64.deb`
Then use the helper script to flash it to the eMMC :
`sudo u-boot-install-librem5 /dev/mmcblk0`
Now reboot.
New Features
This mainline u-boot has all of the current features of the u-boot fork that Purism has been installing on the Librem5, there should be no regressions.
Booting without a battery should work much better with this u-boot.
Holding "vol-" during boot will boot from a bootable uSD card.
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