Commit da540665 authored by Anatolij Gustschin's avatar Anatolij Gustschin Committed by Wolfgang Denk
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drivers/net/enc28j60.c: Fix GCC 4.6 warnings

enc28j60.c: In function 'enc_receive':
enc28j60.c:435:5: warning: variable 'eir_reg' set but not used
enc28j60.c: In function 'enc_poll':
enc28j60.c:503:5: warning: variable 'estat_reg' set but not used
Signed-off-by: default avatarAnatolij Gustschin <>
parent e560492b
......@@ -432,7 +432,6 @@ static void enc_receive(enc_dev_t *enc)
u16 pkt_len;
u16 copy_len;
u16 status;
u8 eir_reg;
u8 pkt_cnt = 0;
u16 rxbuf_rdpt;
u8 hbuf[6];
......@@ -476,7 +475,7 @@ static void enc_receive(enc_dev_t *enc)
/* read pktcnt */
pkt_cnt = enc_r8(enc, CTL_REG_EPKTCNT);
if (copy_len == 0) {
eir_reg = enc_r8(enc, CTL_REG_EIR);
(void)enc_r8(enc, CTL_REG_EIR);
printf("%s: receive copy_len=0\n", enc->dev->name);
......@@ -489,7 +488,7 @@ static void enc_receive(enc_dev_t *enc)
NetReceive(packet, pkt_len);
if (enc_claim_bus(enc))
eir_reg = enc_r8(enc, CTL_REG_EIR);
(void)enc_r8(enc, CTL_REG_EIR);
} while (pkt_cnt);
/* Use EPKTCNT not EIR.PKTIF flag, see errata pt. 6 */
......@@ -500,14 +499,13 @@ static void enc_receive(enc_dev_t *enc)
static void enc_poll(enc_dev_t *enc)
u8 eir_reg;
u8 estat_reg;
u8 pkt_cnt;
/* clear global interrupt enable bit in enc28j60 */
enc_bclr(enc, CTL_REG_EIE, ENC_EIE_INTIE);
estat_reg = enc_r8(enc, CTL_REG_ESTAT);
(void)enc_r8(enc, CTL_REG_ESTAT);
eir_reg = enc_r8(enc, CTL_REG_EIR);
if (eir_reg & ENC_EIR_TXIF) {
/* clear TXIF bit in EIR */
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