Commit dd067eab authored by zhang sanshan's avatar zhang sanshan Committed by Jason Liu
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MA-9788 [fastboot]some commands not support

support below commands:
fastboot getvar has-slot:oem gapps vbmeta.

Change-Id: I2b7ed6efa4675cf5cfa64e5982cb3987bee6f28a
Signed-off-by: default avatarzhang sanshan <>
parent 65b5ca72
......@@ -288,7 +288,9 @@ int get_slotvar(char *cmd, char *response, size_t chars_left)
if (!strcmp_l1("has-slot:", cmd)) {
char *ptnname = NULL;
ptnname = strchr(cmd, ':') + 1;
if (!strcmp(ptnname, "system") || !strcmp(ptnname, "boot"))
if (!strcmp(ptnname, "system") || !strcmp(ptnname, "boot")
!strcmp(str, "oem") || !strcmp(str, "gapps") ||
!strcmp(str, "vbmeta"))
strlcpy(response, "yes", chars_left);
strlcpy(response, "no", chars_left);
......@@ -79,7 +79,9 @@ int get_slotvar_avb(AvbABOps *ab_ops, char *cmd, char *buffer, size_t size) {
char *str = cmd;
if (!strcmp_l1("has-slot:", cmd)) {
str += strlen("has-slot:");
if (!strcmp(str, "system") || !strcmp(str, "boot"))
if (!strcmp(str, "system") || !strcmp(str, "boot") ||
!strcmp(str, "oem") || !strcmp(str, "gapps") ||
!strcmp(str, "vbmeta"))
strlcpy(buffer, "yes", size);
strlcpy(buffer, "no", size);
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