Commit e0b9ea8c authored by Stefan Roese's avatar Stefan Roese
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[PATCH] Update Sequoia (440EPx) to display board rev and PCI bus speed

Now the board revision and the current PCI bus speed are printed after
the board message.
Signed-off-by: default avatarStefan Roese <>
parent f07ae7a9
......@@ -350,12 +350,19 @@ int misc_init_r(void)
int checkboard(void)
char *s = getenv("serial#");
u8 rev;
u8 val;
#ifdef CONFIG_440EPX
printf("Board: Sequoia - AMCC PPC440EPx Evaluation Board");
printf("Board: Rainier - AMCC PPC440GRx Evaluation Board");
rev = *(u8 *)(CFG_CPLD + 0);
val = *(u8 *)(CFG_CPLD + 5) & 0x01;
printf(", Rev. %X, PCI=%d MHz", rev, val ? 66 : 33);
if (s != NULL) {
puts(", serial# ");
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