Commit e56daf63 authored by Fabio Estevam's avatar Fabio Estevam Committed by Albert ARIBAUD
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mx31pdk: Remove unneeded config

Currently there are two config options for building a U-boot binary for MX31PDK:

make mx31pdk_config


make mx31pdk_nand_config

mx31pdk_config was developed first when no NAND SPL support was available for
MX31 and it requires that the U-boot binary is loaded into RAM via JTAG and it

mx31pdk_nand_config was added later and it allows booting from NAND Flash.

Leave just one config option called mx31pdk so that it produces a binary that can boot from NAND Flash.
Signed-off-by: default avatarFabio Estevam <>
Acked-by: default avatarStefano Babic <>
parent 47c5455a
......@@ -41,8 +41,7 @@ mx31ads arm arm1136 - freesca
imx31_litekit arm arm1136 - logicpd mx31
imx31_phycore arm arm1136 - - mx31
imx31_phycore_eet arm arm1136 imx31_phycore - mx31 imx31_phycore:IMX31_PHYCORE_EET
mx31pdk_nand arm arm1136 mx31pdk freescale mx31 mx31pdk:NAND_U_BOOT
mx31pdk arm arm1136 - freescale mx31 mx31pdk:SKIP_LOWLEVEL_INIT
mx31pdk arm arm1136 - freescale mx31 mx31pdk:NAND_U_BOOT
mx35pdk arm arm1136 - freescale mx35
omap2420h4 arm arm1136 - ti omap24xx
tnetv107x_evm arm arm1176 tnetv107xevm ti tnetv107x
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