Commit f35f3582 authored by Jerry Van Baren's avatar Jerry Van Baren Committed by Kim Phillips
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mpc83xx: Put the version (and magic) after the HRCW.

Put the version (and magic) after the HRCW.  This puts it in a fixed
location in flash, not at the start of flash but as close as we can get.
Signed-off-by: default avatarJerry Van Baren <>
parent 48aecd96
......@@ -77,19 +77,11 @@
* Version string - must be in data segment because MPC83xx uses the
* first 256 bytes for the Hard Reset Configuration Word table (see
* below). Similarly, can't have the U-Boot Magic Number as the first
* thing in the image - don't know how this will affect the image tools,
* but I guess I'll find out soon.
* The Hard Reset Configuration Word (HRCW) table is in the first 64
* (0x40) bytes of flash. It has 8 bytes, but each byte is repeated 8
* times so the processor can fetch it out of flash whether the flash
* is 8, 16, 32, or 64 bits wide (hardware trickery).
.globl version_string
.ascii " (", __DATE__, " - ", __TIME__, ")"
.ascii " ", CONFIG_IDENT_STRING, "\0"
#define _HRCW_TABLE_ENTRY(w) \
.fill 8,1,(((w)>>24)&0xff); \
......@@ -100,6 +92,18 @@ version_string:
* Magic number and version string - put it after the HRCW since it
* cannot be first in flash like it is in many other processors.
.long 0x27051956 /* U-Boot Magic Number */
.globl version_string
.ascii " (", __DATE__, " - ", __TIME__, ")"
.ascii " ", CONFIG_IDENT_STRING, "\0"
#error CONFIG_DEFAULT_IMMR must be defined
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