Commit f3c0de63 authored by Atin Malaviya's avatar Atin Malaviya Committed by Remy Bohmer
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Added usbtty_configured() check. Fixed attribute(packed) warnings.

V3: Fixed line-wrap problem due to user error in mail!

Added usb_configured() checks in usbtty_puts() and usbtty_putc() to get around a hang
when usb is not connected and the user has set up multi-io (setenv stdout serial,usbtty etc).
Got rid of redundant __attribute__((packed)) directives that were causing warnings from gcc.
Signed-off-by: default avatarAtin Malaviya <>
Signed-off-by: default avatarRemy Bohmer <>
parent 6b67962f
......@@ -150,8 +150,7 @@ struct acm_config_desc {
/* Slave Interface */
struct usb_interface_descriptor data_class_interface;
struct usb_endpoint_descriptor
data_endpoints[NUM_ENDPOINTS-1] __attribute__((packed));
struct usb_endpoint_descriptor data_endpoints[NUM_ENDPOINTS-1];
} __attribute__((packed));
static struct acm_config_desc acm_configuration_descriptors[NUM_CONFIGS] = {
......@@ -280,10 +279,8 @@ static struct rs232_emu rs232_desc={
struct gserial_config_desc {
struct usb_configuration_descriptor configuration_desc;
struct usb_interface_descriptor
interface_desc[NUM_GSERIAL_INTERFACES] __attribute__((packed));
struct usb_endpoint_descriptor
data_endpoints[NUM_ENDPOINTS] __attribute__((packed));
struct usb_interface_descriptor interface_desc[NUM_GSERIAL_INTERFACES];
struct usb_endpoint_descriptor data_endpoints[NUM_ENDPOINTS];
} __attribute__((packed));
......@@ -433,6 +430,9 @@ int usbtty_getc (void)
void usbtty_putc (const char c)
if (!usbtty_configured ())
buf_push (&usbtty_output, &c, 1);
/* If \n, also do \r */
if (c == '\n')
......@@ -486,8 +486,12 @@ static void __usbtty_puts (const char *str, int len)
void usbtty_puts (const char *str)
int n;
int len = strlen (str);
int len;
if (!usbtty_configured ())
len = strlen (str);
/* add '\r' for each '\n' */
while (len > 0) {
n = next_nl_pos (str);
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