Commit f798b1dd authored by Stefan Brüns's avatar Stefan Brüns Committed by Tom Rini

ext4: Use correct descriptor size when reading the block group descriptor

The correct descriptor size must be used when calculating offsets, and
also to read the correct amount of data.
Signed-off-by: default avatarStefan Brüns <>
parent 9f5dd8b6
......@@ -1527,20 +1527,20 @@ static int ext4fs_blockgroup
long int blkno;
unsigned int blkoff, desc_per_blk;
int log2blksz = get_fs()->dev_desc->log2blksz;
int desc_size = get_fs()->gdsize;
desc_per_blk = EXT2_BLOCK_SIZE(data) / sizeof(struct ext2_block_group);
desc_per_blk = EXT2_BLOCK_SIZE(data) / desc_size;
blkno = le32_to_cpu(data->sblock.first_data_block) + 1 +
group / desc_per_blk;
blkoff = (group % desc_per_blk) * sizeof(struct ext2_block_group);
blkoff = (group % desc_per_blk) * desc_size;
debug("ext4fs read %d group descriptor (blkno %ld blkoff %u)\n",
group, blkno, blkoff);
return ext4fs_devread((lbaint_t)blkno <<
(LOG2_BLOCK_SIZE(data) - log2blksz),
blkoff, sizeof(struct ext2_block_group),
(char *)blkgrp);
blkoff, desc_size, (char *)blkgrp);
int ext4fs_read_inode(struct ext2_data *data, int ino, struct ext2_inode *inode)
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