Commit f7db3310 authored by Bartlomiej Sieka's avatar Bartlomiej Sieka
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[iDMR] Flash driver on initialisation write-protects some sectors,

currently sectors 0-3. Sector 3 does not need to be protected, though
(U-boot occupies sectors 0-1 and the environment sector 2). This commit
fixes this, i.e., only sectors 0-2 are protected.
parent 0ed47bb1
......@@ -97,7 +97,7 @@ unsigned long flash_init (void)
flash_protect (FLAG_PROTECT_SET,
CFG_FLASH_BASE + 0x30000, &flash_info[0]);
CFG_FLASH_BASE + 0x2ffff, &flash_info[0]);
return size;
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