Commit fbc87dc0 authored by Bartlomiej Sieka's avatar Bartlomiej Sieka Committed by Wolfgang Denk
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FIT: output image load address for type 'firmware', fix message while there

Now that the auto-update feature uses the 'firmware' type for updates, it is
useful to inspect the load address of such images.
Signed-off-by: default avatarBartlomiej Sieka <>
parent 4bae9090
......@@ -1852,7 +1852,10 @@ void fit_print_contents (const void *fit)
* @p: pointer to prefix string
* fit_image_print() lists all mandatory properies for the processed component
* image. If present, hash nodes are printed out as well.
* image. If present, hash nodes are printed out as well. Load
* address for images of type firmware is also printed out. Since the load
* address is not mandatory for firmware images, it will be output as
* "unavailable" when not present.
* returns:
* no returned results
......@@ -1911,14 +1914,17 @@ void fit_image_print (const void *fit, int image_noffset, const char *p)
printf ("%s OS: %s\n", p, genimg_get_os_name (os));
if ((type == IH_TYPE_KERNEL) || (type == IH_TYPE_STANDALONE)) {
if ((type == IH_TYPE_KERNEL) || (type == IH_TYPE_STANDALONE) ||
(type == IH_TYPE_FIRMWARE)) {
ret = fit_image_get_load (fit, image_noffset, &load);
printf ("%s Load Address: ", p);
if (ret)
printf ("unavailable\n");
printf ("0x%08lx\n", load);
if ((type == IH_TYPE_KERNEL) || (type == IH_TYPE_STANDALONE)) {
fit_image_get_entry (fit, image_noffset, &entry);
printf ("%s Entry Point: ", p);
if (ret)
......@@ -2844,7 +2850,7 @@ int fit_check_format (const void *fit)
#if defined(CONFIG_TIMESTAMP) || defined(CONFIG_CMD_DATE) || defined(USE_HOSTCC)
/* mandatory / node 'timestamp' property */
if (fdt_getprop (fit, 0, FIT_TIMESTAMP_PROP, NULL) == NULL) {
debug ("Wrong FIT format: no description\n");
debug ("Wrong FIT format: no timestamp\n");
return 0;
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