1. 20 May, 2012 3 commits
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      Merge branch 'master' of git://git.denx.de/u-boot-net · 8bd07c9a
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      * 'master' of git://git.denx.de/u-boot-net:
        net: move bootfile init into eth_initialize
        net: punt bd->bi_ip_addr
        net: cosmetic: netconsole.c checkpatch compliance
        net: cosmetic: tftp.* checkpatch compliance
        net: cosmetic: sntp.* checkpatch compliance
        net: cosmetic: rarp.* checkpatch compliance
        net: cosmetic: nfs.* checkpatch compliance
        net: cosmetic: net.c checkpatch compliance
        net: cosmetic: eth.c checkpatch compliance
        net: cosmetic: bootp.* checkpatch compliance
        net: cosmetic: net.h checkpatch compliance
        net: Remove volatile from net API
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      Merge branch 'master' of git://git.denx.de/u-boot-arm · ee3a55fd
      Wolfgang Denk authored
      * 'master' of git://git.denx.de/u-boot-arm: (167 commits)
        OMAP4/5: Change omap4_sdp, omap4_panda, omap5_evm maintainer
        ARM: omap3: Set SPL stack size to 8KB, image to 54KB.
        arm, omap3: fix warm reset serial output on OMAP36xx/AM/DM37xx
        OMAP4: Set fdt_high for OMAP4 devices to enable booting with Device Tree
        omap4: do not enable auxiliary cores
        omap4: do not enable fs-usb module
        omap4: panda: disable uart2 pads during boot
        igep00x0: change mpurate from 500 to auto
        igep00x0: enable the use of a plain text file
        tegra2: trivially enable 13 mhz crystal frequency
        tegra: Enable keyboard for Seaboard
        tegra: Switch on console mux and use environment for console
        tegra: Add tegra keyboard driver
        tegra: fdt: Add keyboard definitions for Seaboard
        tegra: fdt: Add keyboard controller definition
        tegra: Add keyboard support to funcmux
        input: Add support for keyboard matrix decoding from an fdt
        input: Add generic keyboard input handler
        input: Add linux/input.h for key code support
        fdt: Add fdtdec functions to read byte array
        tegra: Enable LP0 on Seaboard
        tegra: fdt: Add EMC data for Tegra2 Seaboard
        tegra: i2c: Add function to find DVC bus
        fdt: tegra: Add EMC node to device tree
        tegra: Add EMC settings for Seaboard
        tegra: Turn off power detect in board init
        tegra: Set up warmboot code on Nvidia boards
        tegra: Setup PMC scratch info from ap20 setup
        tegra: Add warmboot implementation
        tegra: Set up PMU for Nvidia boards
        tegra: Add PMU to manage power supplies
        tegra: Add EMC support for optimal memory timings
        tegra: Add header file for APB_MISC register
        tegra: Add tegra_get_chip_type() to detect SKU
        tegra: Add flow, gp_padctl, fuse, sdram headers
        tegra: Add crypto library for warmboot code
        tegra: Add functions to access low-level Osc/PLL details
        tegra: Move ap20.h header into arch location
        Add AES crypto library
        i2c: Add TPS6586X driver
        Add abs() macro to return absolute value
        fdt: Add function to return next compatible subnode
        fdt: Add function to locate an array in the device tree
        i.MX28: Avoid redefining serial_put[cs]()
        i.MX28: Check if WP detection is implemented at all
        i.MX28: Add battery boot components to SPL
        i.MX28: Reorder battery status functions in SPL
        i.MX28: Add LRADC init to i.MX28 SPL
        i.MX28: Add LRADC register definitions
        i.MX28: Shut down the LCD controller before reset
        i.MX28: Add LCDIF register definitions
        i.MX28: Implement boot pads sampling and reporting
        i.MX28: Improve passing of data from SPL to U-Boot
        M28EVK: Add SD update command
        M28EVK: Implement support for new board V2.0
        FEC: Abstract out register setup
        MX5: PAD_CTL_DRV_VOT_LOW and PAD_CTL_DRV_VOT_HIGH exchanged
        i.MX28: Add delay after CPU bypass is cleared
        spi: mxs: Allow other chip selects to work
        spi: mxs: Introduce spi_cs_is_valid()
        mx53loco: Remove unneeded gpio_set_value()
        mx53loco: Add CONFIG_REVISION_TAG
        mx53loco: Turn on VUSB regulator
        mx53loco: Add mc34708 support and set mx53 frequency at 1GHz
        pmic: dialog: Avoid name conflicts
        imx: Add u-boot.imx as target for ARM9 i.MX SOCs
        i.MX2: Include asm/types.h in arch-mx25/imx-regs.h
        imx: usb: There is no such register
        i.MX25: usb: Set PORTSCx register
        imx: nand: Support flash based BBT
        i.MX25: This architecture has a GPIO4 too
        i.MX25: esdhc: Add mxc_get_clock infrastructure
        i.MX6: mx6q_sabrelite: add SATA bindings
        i.MX6: add enable_sata_clock()
        i.MX6: Add ANATOP regulator init
        mx28evk: add NAND support
        USB: ehci-mx6: Fix broken IO access
        M28: Scan only first 512 MB of DRAM to avoid memory wraparound
        Revert "i.MX28: Enable additional DRAM address bits"
        M28: Enable FDT support
        mx53loco: Add support for 1GHz operation for DA9053-based boards
        mx53loco: Allow to print CPU information at a later stage
        mx5: Add clock config interface
        imx-common: Factor out get_ahb_clk()
        i.MX6Q: mx6qsabrelite: Add keypress support to alter boot flow
        mx31pdk: Allow booting a zImage kernel
        mx6qarm2: Allow booting a zImage kernel
        mx6qsabrelite: Allow booting a zImage kernel
        mx28evk: Allow booting a zImage kernel
        m28evk: Allow to booting a dt kernel
        mx28evk: Allow to booting a dt kernel
        mx6qsabrelite: No need to set the direction for GPIO3_23 again
        pmic: Add support for the Dialog DA9053 PMIC
        MX53: mx53loco: Add SATA support
        MX53: Add support to ESG ima3 board
        SATA: add driver for MX5 / MX6 SOCs
        MX53: add function to set SATA clock to internal
        SATA: check for return value from sata functions
        MX5: Add definitions for SATA controller
        NET: fec_mxc.c: Add a way to disable auto negotiation
        Define UART4 and UART5 base addresses
        EXYNOS: Change bits per pixel value proper for u-boot.
        EXYNOS: support TRATS board display function
        LCD: support S6E8AX0 amoled driver based on EXYNOS MIPI DSI
        EXYNOS: support EXYNOS MIPI DSI interface driver.
        EXYNOS: support EXYNOS framebuffer and FIMD display drivers.
        LCD: add data structure for EXYNOS display driver
        EXYNOS: add LCD and MIPI DSI clock interface.
        EXYNOS: definitions of system resgister and power management registers.
        SMDK5250: fix compiler warning
        misc:pmic:samsung Convert TRATS target to use MAX8997 instead of MAX8998
        misc:pmic:max8997 MAX8997 support for PMIC driver
        TRATS: modify the trats's configuration
        ARM: Exynos4: ADC: Universal_C210: Enable LDO4 power line for ADC measurement
        EXYNOS: Rename exynos5_tzpc structure to exynos_tzpc
        arm: ea20: Change macro from BOARD_LATE_INIT to CONFIG_BOARD_LATE_INIT
        arm: cam_enc_4xx: Change macro from BOARD_LATE_INIT to CONFIG_BOARD_LATE_INIT
        cm-t35: add I2C multi-bus support
        include/configs: Remove CONFIG_SYS_64BIT_STRTOUL
        include/configs: Remove CONFIG_SYS_64BIT_VSPRINTF
        omap3: Introduce weak misc_init_r
        omap730p2: Remove empty misc_init_r
        omap5912osk: Remove empty misc_init_r
        omap4+: Remove CONFIG_ARCH_CPU_INIT
        omap4: Remove CONFIG_SYS_MMC_SET_DEV
        OMAP3: pandora: drop console kernel argument
        OMAP3: pandora: revise GPIO configuration
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      Merge branch 'master' of git://git.denx.de/u-boot-mmc · 6bc337fb
      Wolfgang Denk authored
      * 'master' of git://git.denx.de/u-boot-mmc:
        ARM: SAMSUNG: support sdhci controller
        mmc: support the sdhci instead of s5p_mmc for samsung-soc
        mmc: add the quirk to use the sdhci for samsung-soc
        mmc: sdhci: add the quirk for broken r1b response
        i.MX28: Lower the amount of blocks transfered in one DMA cycle
        mmc: fsl_esdhc: Poll until card is not busy anymore
        include/mmc.h: remove struct mmc_csd
        mmc: omap: handle controller errors properly
        mmc: omap: improve stat wait message
        mmc: omap: follow TRM procedure to power on cards
        mmc:fix: Set mmc width according to MMC host capabilities
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