1. 27 Jun, 2003 1 commit
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      * Code cleanup: · 8bde7f77
      wdenk authored
        - remove trailing white space, trailing empty lines, C++ comments, etc.
        - split cmd_boot.c (separate cmd_bdinfo.c and cmd_load.c)
      * Patches by Kenneth Johansson, 25 Jun 2003:
        - major rework of command structure
          (work done mostly by Michal Cendrowski and Joakim Kristiansen)
  2. 26 Jun, 2003 1 commit
  3. 25 Jun, 2003 1 commit
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      * Header file cleanup for ARM · b783edae
      wdenk authored
      * Patch by Murray Jensen, 24 Jun 2003:
        - make sure to use only U-boot provided header files
        - fix problems with ".rodata.str1.4" section as used by GCC-3.x
  4. 24 Jun, 2003 5 commits
  5. 23 Jun, 2003 1 commit
  6. 22 Jun, 2003 2 commits
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      * Patch by Rune Torgersen, 4 Jun 2003: · 3595ac49
      wdenk authored
        add large memory support for MPC8266ADS board
      * Patch by Richard Woodruff, 19 June 03:
        - Enabled standard u-boot device abstraction for ARM
        - Enabled console device for ARM
        - Initilized bi_baudrate for ARM
      * Patch by Bill Hargen, 23 Apr 2003:
        fix byte order for 824x I2C addresses (write op)
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      Had to move the RTC area for ATC board to upper addresses · 9a0e21a3
      wdenk authored
      (0xf5000000, to be specific). The reason is that the RTC first gets
      accessed before MMU is initialized and, consequently, it needs to be
      placed at physical addresses which are later mapped to the same
      virtual addresses (like 0xf5000000 physical is mapped to 0xf5000000
  7. 21 Jun, 2003 1 commit
  8. 20 Jun, 2003 2 commits
  9. 19 Jun, 2003 4 commits
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      * Patch by Richard Woodruff, 19 June 03: · 0b97ab14
      wdenk authored
      - Fixed smc91c111 driver to sync with the u-boot environment (driver/smc91c111.c).
      - Added eth_init error return check in NetLoop (net/net.c).
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      Patches by Murray Jensen, 17 Jun 2003: · 6dd652fa
      wdenk authored
      - Hymod board database mods: add "who" field and new xilinx chip types
      - provide new "init_cmd_timeout()" function so code external to
        "common/main.c" can use the "reset_cmd_timeout()" function before
        entering the main loop
      - add DTT support for adm1021 (new file dtt/adm1021.c; config
        slightly different. see include/configs/hymod.h for an example
        (requires CONFIG_DTT_ADM1021, CONFIG_DTT_SENSORS, and
        CFG_DTT_ADM1021 defined)
      - add new "eeprom_probe()" function which has similar args and
        behaves in a similar way to "eeprom_read()" etc.
      - add 8260 FCC ethernet loopback code (new "eth_loopback_test()"
        function which is enabled by defining CONFIG_ETHER_LOOPBACK_TEST)
      - gdbtools copyright update
      - ensure that set_msr() executes the "sync" and "isync" instructions
        after the "mtmsr" instruction in cpu/mpc8260/interrupts.c
      - 8260 I/O ports fix: Open Drain should be set last when configuring
      - add SIU IRQ defines for 8260
      - allow LDSCRIPT override and OBJCFLAGS initialization: change to
        config.mk to allow board configurations to override the GNU
        linker script, selected via the LDSCRIPT, make variable, and to
        give an initial value to the OBJCFLAGS make variable
      - 8260 i2c enhancement:
        o correctly extends the timeout depending on the size of all
          queued messages for both transmit and receive
        o will not continue with receive if transmit times out
        o ensures that the error callback is done for all queued tx
          and rx messages
        o correctly detects both tx and rx timeouts, only delivers one to
          the callback, and does not overwrite an earlier error
        o logic in i2c_probe now correct
      - add "vprintf()" function so that "panic()" function can be
        technically correct
      - many Hymod board changes
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      Patches by Robert Schwebel, 14 Jun 2003: · 52f52c14
      wdenk authored
      - add support for Logotronic DL datalogger board
      - cleanup serial line after kermit binary download
      - add debugX macro (debug level support)
      - update mach-types.h to latest arm.linux.org.uk master list.
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      * Patches by David Mller, 12 Jun 2003: · 48b42616
      wdenk authored
        - rewrite of the S3C24X0 register definitions stuff
        - "driver" for the built-in S3C24X0 RTC
      * Patches by Yuli Barcohen, 12 Jun 2003:
        - Add MII support and Ethernet PHY initialization for MPC8260ADS board
        - Fix incorrect SIUMCR initialisation caused by wrong Hard Reset
          configuration word supplied by FPGA on some MPC8260ADS boards
      * Patch by Pantelis Antoniou, 10 Jun 2003:
        Unify status LED interface
  10. 18 Jun, 2003 1 commit
  11. 16 Jun, 2003 1 commit
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      * Patch by Nicolas Lacressonniere, 11 Jun 2003: · 2abbe075
      wdenk authored
        Modifications for Atmel AT91RM9200DK ARM920T based development kit
        - Add Atmel DataFlash support for reading and writing.
        - Add possibility to boot a Linux from DataFlash with BOOTM command.
        - Add Flash detection on Atmel AT91RM9200DK
          (between Atmel AT49BV1614 and AT49BV1614A flashes)
        - Replace old Ethernet PHY layer functions
        - Change link address
      * Patch by Frank Smith, 9 Jun 2003:
        use CRIT_EXCEPTION for machine check on 4xx
      * Patch by Detlev Zundel, 13 Jun 2003:
        added implementation of the "carinfo" command in cmd_immap.c
  12. 15 Jun, 2003 1 commit
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      * Fix CONFIG_NET_MULTI support in include/net.h · 71f95118
      wdenk authored
      * Patches by Kyle Harris, 13 Mar 2003:
        - Add FAT partition support
        - Add command support for FAT
        - Add command support for MMC
        - Add Intel PXA support for video
        - Add Intel PXA support for MMC
        - Enable MMC and FAT for lubbock board
        - Other misc changes for lubbock board
  13. 06 Jun, 2003 3 commits
  14. 05 Jun, 2003 6 commits
  15. 04 Jun, 2003 1 commit
  16. 03 Jun, 2003 1 commit
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      * Patches by Udi Finkelstein, 2 June 2003: · 682011ff
      wdenk authored
        - Added support for custom keyboards, initialized by defining a
          board-specific drv_keyboard_init as well as defining CONFIG_KEYBOARD .
        - Added support for the RBC823 board.
        - cpu/mpc8xx/lcd.c now automatically calculates the
          Horizontal Pixel Count field.
      * Fix alignment problem in BOOTP (dhcp_leasetime option)
        [pointed out by Nicolas Lacressonnire, 2 Jun 2003]
      * Patch by Mark Rakes, 14 May 2003:
        add support for Intel e1000 gig cards.
      * Patch by Nye Liu, 3 Jun 2003:
        fix critical typo in MAMR definition (include/mpc8xx.h)
      * Fix requirement to align U-Boot image on 16 kB boundaries on PPC.
      * Patch by Klaus Heydeck, 2 Jun 2003
        Minor changes for KUP4K configuration
  17. 31 May, 2003 1 commit
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      * Patch by Marc Singer, 29 May 2003: · 7a8e9bed
      wdenk authored
        Fixed rarp boot method for IA32 and other little-endian CPUs.
      * Patch by Marc Singer, 28 May 2003:
        Added port I/O commands.
      * Patch by Matthew McClintock, 28 May 2003
        - cpu/mpc824x/start.S: fix relocation code when booting from RAM
        - minor patches for utx8245
      * Patch by Daniel Engström, 28 May 2003:
        x86 update
      * Patch by Dave Ellis, 9 May 2003 + 27 May 2003:
        add nand flash support to SXNI855T configuration
        fix/extend nand flash support:
        - fix 'nand erase' command so does not erase bad blocks
        - fix 'nand write' command so does not write to bad blocks
        - fix nand_probe() so handles no flash detected properly
        - add doc/README.nand
        - add .jffs2 and .oob options to nand read/write
        - add 'nand bad' command to list bad blocks
        - add 'clean' option to 'nand erase' to write JFFS2 clean markers
        - make NAND read/write faster
      * Patch by Rune Torgersen, 23 May 2003:
        Update for MPC8266ADS board
  18. 30 May, 2003 1 commit
  19. 28 May, 2003 1 commit
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      * Fix data abort exception handling for arm920t CPU · f07771cc
      wdenk authored
      * Fix alignment problems with flash driver for TRAB board
      * Patch by Donald White, 21 May 2003:
        fix calculation of base address in pci_hose_config_device()
      * Fix bug in command line parsing: "cmd1;cmd2" is supposed to always
        execute "cmd2", even if "cmd1" fails. Note that this is different
        to "run var1 var2" where the contents of "var2" will NOT be
        executed when a command in "var1" fails.
  20. 23 May, 2003 5 commits