1. 12 Mar, 2014 4 commits
  2. 11 Mar, 2014 2 commits
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      boards.cfg: Run the reformatter script · f351eb0f
      Tom Rini authored
      Some recent changes got parts of the file out of order again, correct.
      Signed-off-by: default avatarTom Rini <trini@ti.com>
    • Masahiro Yamada's avatar
      boards.cfg: move boards with invalid emails to Orphan · 31f1b654
      Masahiro Yamada authored
      When I cc board maintainers, some of them result in
      bounce mails.
      It turned out the following do not work any more:
        Yuli Barcohen <yuli@arabellasw.com>
        Travis Sawyer <travis.sawyer@sandburst.com>
        Yusdi Santoso <yusdi_santoso@adaptec.com>
        David Updegraff <dave@cray.com>
        Sangmoon Kim <dogoil@etinsys.com>
        Anton Vorontsov <avorontsov@ru.mvista.com>
        Blackfin Team <u-boot-devel@blackfin.uclinux.org>
        Bluetechnix Tinyboards <bluetechnix@blackfin.uclinux.org>
        Andre Schwarz <andre.schwarz@matrix-vision.de>
      For the blackfin boards where Sonic Zhang is also listed
      as a maintainer, dead addresses should be simply dropped.
      For all of the others, the status should be changed to "Orphan".
      We have adopted the definition of "Orphan" as:
      board is not actively maintained any more but still builds, and any
      address associated with it is that of the last known maintainer(s)
      Even though the emails do not work any more, they carry information.
      We want to keep them.
      Besides, Orphan boards have been collected at the bottom of boards.cfg.
      (This is done when we run "tools/reformat.py")
      Add separators to distinguish them from those which
      were moved to Orphan 6 months ago.
      I believe it will be helpful in future to find which boards are
      old enough to be removed from the code base.
      Signed-off-by: default avatarMasahiro Yamada <yamada.m@jp.panasonic.com>
      Cc: Detlev Zundel <dzu@denx.de>
      Cc: Tom Rini <trini@ti.com>
      Cc: Albert ARIBAUD <albert.u.boot@aribaud.net>
  3. 10 Mar, 2014 13 commits
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      Prepare v2014.04-rc2 · 8ee950dd
      Tom Rini authored
      Signed-off-by: default avatarTom Rini <trini@ti.com>
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    • Tom Rini's avatar
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      usb: create common header virtual root hub descriptors · eb838e7d
      Stephen Warren authored
      Many USB host controller drivers contain almost identical copies of the
      same virtual root hub descriptors. Put these into a common file to avoid
      Note that there were some very minor differences between the descriptors
      in the various files, such as:
      - USB 1.0 vs. USB 1.1
      - Manufacturer/Device ID
      - Max packet size
      - String content
      I assume these aren't relevant.
      Cc: Thomas Lange <thomas@corelatus.se>
      Cc: Shinya Kuribayashi <skuribay@pobox.com>
      Cc: Gary Jennejohn <garyj@denx.de>
      Cc: Wolfgang Denk <wd@denx.de>
      Cc: Eric Millbrandt <emillbrandt@coldhaus.com>
      Cc: Pierre Aubert <p.aubert@staubli.com>
      Cc: Stefan Roese <sr@denx.de>
      Cc: Daniel Hellstrom <daniel@gaisler.com>
      Cc: Denis Peter <d.peter@mpl.ch>
      Cc: Rodolfo Giometti <giometti@linux.it>
      Cc: Zhang Wei <wei.zhang@freescale.com>
      Cc: Mateusz Zalega <m.zalega@samsung.com>
      Cc: Remy Bohmer <linux@bohmer.net>
      Cc: Markus Klotzbuecher <mk@denx.de>
      Cc: Minkyu Kang <mk7.kang@samsung.com>
      Cc: Gary Jennejohn <garyj@denx.de>
      Cc: C Nauman <cnauman@diagraph.com>
      Cc: David Müller <d.mueller@elsoft.ch>
      Cc: Yoshihiro Shimoda <shimoda.yoshihiro@renesas.com>
      Cc: Nobuhiro Iwamatsu <iwamatsu@nigauri.org>
      Cc: Thomas Abraham <t-abraham@ti.com>
      Cc: Tom Rini <trini@ti.com>
      Cc: Andrew Murray <amurray@embedded-bits.co.uk>
      Cc: Matej Frančeškin <matej.franceskin@comtrade.com>
      Cc: Cliff Cai <cliff.cai@analog.com>
      Cc: Bryan Wu <cooloney@gmail.com>
      Signed-off-by: default avatarStephen Warren <swarren@wwwdotorg.org>
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      usb: ehci: fully align interrupt QHs/QTDs · 8165e34b
      Stephen Warren authored
      These data structures are passed to cache-flushing routines, and hence
      must be conform to both the USB the cache-flusing alignment requirements.
      That means aligning to USB_DMA_MINALIGN. This is important on systems
      where cache lines are >32 bytes.
      Signed-off-by: default avatarStephen Warren <swarren@nvidia.com>
    • Stephen Warren's avatar
      ush: ehci: initialize altnext pointers in QH · 2456b97f
      Stephen Warren authored
      Section 4.10.2 "Advance Queue" of ehci-specification-for-usb.pdf
      specifies how an EHCI controller loads a new QTD for processing if the
      QH is not already marked as active. It states:
      If the field Bytes to Transfer is not zero and the T-bit in the Alternate
      Next qTD Pointer is set to zero, then the host controller uses the
      Alternate Next qTD Pointer. Otherwise, the host controller uses the Next
      qTD Pointer. If Next qTD Pointer’s T-bit is set to a one, then the host
      controller exits this state and uses the horizontal pointer to the next
      schedule data structure.
      Hence, we must ensure that the alternate next QTD pointer's T-bit
      (TERMINATE) is set, so the EHCI controller knows to use the next QTD
      Signed-off-by: default avatarStephen Warren <swarren@nvidia.com>
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    • Masahiro Yamada's avatar
      kbuild: fix a bug of make rule of version_autogenerated.h · 2e6b2f6a
      Masahiro Yamada authored
      include/generated/version_autogenerated.h was not correctly
      generated on the parallel build (with -j option).
      Signed-off-by: default avatarMasahiro Yamada <yamada.m@jp.panasonic.com>
      Reported-by: default avatarAndreas Bießmann <andreas.devel@googlemail.com>
    • Eric Nelson's avatar
      cfb_console: align fields in gzipped .bmp files · 5ca05c8b
      Eric Nelson authored
      .bmp files contain 32-bit integers aligned at offsets of +2, +6,
      et cetera within the bmp_header structure (see include/bmp_layout.h).
      Support for gzip-compressed .bmp files is present in the cfb_console
      display subsystem by uncompressing them prior to use.
      This patch forces the in-memory header to be aligned properly
      for these compressed images by extracting them to a 2-byte
      offset in the memory returned by malloc. Since malloc will always
      return a 4-byte aligned value, this forces the .bmp header
      fields to be naturally aligned on 4-byte addresses.
      Refer to these files for more details:
      Signed-off-by: default avatarEric Nelson <eric.nelson@boundarydevices.com>
    • Ian Campbell's avatar
      ahci: wait longer for link. · 73545f75
      Ian Campbell authored
      I have observed timeouts on a cubietruck.
      The increase to 40ms is completely arbitrary and Works For Me(tm). I
      couldn't find a good reference for how long you are supposed to wait,
      although googling around it seems like tens of ms rather than single
      digits is more common. I don't think there is any harm in waiting a bit
      Signed-off-by: default avatarIan Campbell <ijc@hellion.org.uk>
    • Ian Campbell's avatar
      highbank: use scsi_init hook · b9463226
      Ian Campbell authored
      Signed-off-by: default avatarIan Campbell <ijc@hellion.org.uk>
      Acked-by: default avatarRob Herring <robh@kernel.org>
    • Ian Campbell's avatar
      ahci-plat: Provide a weak scsi_init hook · c6f3d50b
      Ian Campbell authored
      This allow the platform to register the platform ahci device.
      Signed-off-by: default avatarIan Campbell <ijc@hellion.org.uk>
    • Masahiro Yamada's avatar
      m68k: Remove M5271EVB and idmr board support · ba650e9b
      Masahiro Yamada authored
      CONFIG_SYS_HZ must be always 1000, but M5271EVB.h defines it
      as 1000000 and idmr.h defines it as (50000000 / 64).
      When compiling these two boards, a warning message is displayed:
        time.c:14:2: warning: #warning "CONFIG_SYS_HZ must be 1000
        and should not be defined by platforms" [-Wcpp]
      There are no board maintainers for them so this commit just
      deletes them.
      Signed-off-by: default avatarMasahiro Yamada <yamada.m@jp.panasonic.com>
      Cc: Jason Jin <Jason.jin@freescale.com>
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