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    • Frank Li's avatar
      MLK-18406 fastboot support all partition · ca96e0bd
      Frank Li authored
      uuu can write to any position of mmc
      sdps: boot -f ../mkimage_imx8dv/imx-mkimage/iMX8QX/flash.bin
      FB: ucmd setenv fastboot_dev mmc
      FB: ucmd setenv mmcdev ${emmc_dev}
      FB: ucmd mmc dev ${emmc_dev}
      FB: flash -raw2sparse all xx.sdcard
      Signed-off-by: default avatarFrank Li <Frank.Li@nxp.com>
  18. 09 Jul, 2018 1 commit
    • Peng Fan's avatar
      MLK-18793 imx8mq: config: add jailhouse env · 0d33db00
      Peng Fan authored
      Add jailhouse env. Currently need to pass clk_ignore_unused to bootargs
      to avoid linux root cell shutdown clocks used by inmates.
      If only want a minimal clk being on in inmates, the clks could
      be added in clk_inits_on in linux kernel drivers/clk/imx/clk-imx8mq.c
      Signed-off-by: default avatarPeng Fan <peng.fan@nxp.com>
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    • Luo Ji's avatar
      MA-12120 [Android] Enlarge buffer size for partition name · 7e582367
      Luo Ji authored
      Some partition name can be larger than 16 bytes like
      "factory_bootloader", enlage the buffer size to 20 bytes.
      Change-Id: I266c4e0af02e0ac1d758334aafcd6ed41d072dba
      Signed-off-by: default avatarLuo Ji <ji.luo@nxp.com>
    • Haoran.Wang's avatar
      [iot] Correct oem and vendor partition type · 9925089b
      Haoran.Wang authored
      Correct oem and vendor partition to ext4.
      This make it available to use fastboot command
      to format above two parts.
      Test: Builds, loads & boots successfully.  ext4 file system type
            displayed for expected partitions in "fastboot getvar all"
      Change-Id: If6d2c58abfb526a7162fb4cd644b6e1e209f8456
      Signed-off-by: default avatarHaoran.Wang <elven.wang@nxp.com>
    • Yu Shan's avatar
      [iot] Check Trusty OS available before load it · 0a8e4589
      Yu Shan authored
      When SECURE_BOOT enabled, use HAB verify
      Trusty OS image or check its IVT available.
      If not available, bootloader consider the TOS
      lost unexpected and wipe all data on disk.
      Then enter limited fastboot mode. In this situation
      only bootloader and tos is able to flash, gpt won't
      be available for external.
      Change-Id: I04f037f5bd5a51f53174b5b99b2c3053182a8fcf
      Signed-off-by: default avatarHaoran.Wang <elven.wang@nxp.com>
    • Yu Shan's avatar
      [iot] Support reading ATAP certificate UUID from keymaster · bde79c4d
      Yu Shan authored
      Add API and IPC calls to read the ATAP certificate UUID from keymaster.
      Also rename const local variables to the standard convention.
      This cherry-picked the CL 649562 from trusty/external/trusty.
      Bug: 76211194
      Change-Id: I98ab68180c3855e07884994dc20b879f0b59965d
      Signed-off-by: default avatarHaoran.Wang <elven.wang@nxp.com>
    • Yu Shan's avatar
      [iot] Support atap in u-boot for imx7d · 0a61dc80
      Yu Shan authored
      Support Android Things Attestation Protocol
      in u-boot for imx7d.
      Change-Id: I0aef8f208cf8e81238248efc8d7dcfdbc09c3119
      Signed-off-by: default avatarHaoran.Wang <elven.wang@nxp.com>
    • Yu Shan's avatar
      [iot] Support fastboot oem fuse at-perm-attr command · e60cfff7
      Yu Shan authored
      Support "fastboot oem fuse at-perm-attr" command for
      ATX. The perm_attr will be stored into RPMB which
      managed by Trusty OS.
      Modified permanent_attributes related AVB ops that
      support Trusty OS backed RPMB storage.
      Change-Id: Id6248570b4294fed3c45270064196bd6b9cf9208
      Signed-off-by: default avatarHaoran.Wang <elven.wang@nxp.com>
    • Luo Ji's avatar
      [iot] Update libavb in u-boot · 3e633edb
      Luo Ji authored
      This commit did:
      1. Sync AVB lib with external/avb, head of commit is:
          commit 6d5326a945c2d17d5d0e7718d5cb97663c3b33a2
          Author: Neal Ostrem <nealo@google.com>
          Date:   Tue Apr 24 13:09:45 2018 -0700
              Merge fix/changes required after merge from AOSP ToT.
              Change library name to one used by AT.
              Test: Built successfully and unit tests pass.
              Change-Id: I5e5fc9a6010d96cfecfc6faf0858ba930cba65a0
      2. Change product id in ATX to be full zeros to sync with
      3. Fix build errors and implement ops fsl_set_key_version.
      4. Move most nxp modified code to lib/avb/fsl/.
      Test: build and boot successfully for imx7d_pico and imx8m_phanbell.
      Change-Id: I199a035fe8267b10955299a4b745458d40a2e754
      Signed-off-by: default avatarLuo Ji <ji.luo@nxp.com>
    • Haoran.Wang's avatar
      [iot] Corrent product and variant name for Phanbell · 887735f5
      Haoran.Wang authored
      This will make "fastboot flashall" work.
      Test: "fastboot flashall" work on imx8m_phanbell.
      Bug: 79999777
      Change-Id: Iea25c79f761ccc57675980f41a8c3efc396109fb
      Signed-off-by: default avatarHaoran.Wang <elven.wang@nxp.com>
      Reviewed-on: http://androidsource.ap.freescale.net/project/4123Reviewed-by: default avatarguoyin.chen <guoyin.chen@nxp.com>
    • Luo Ji's avatar
      [iot] Change the format of CONFIG_SPL_MAX_SIZE · 2216a00e
      Luo Ji authored
      Target u-boot-with-spl.imx won't be genarated due to
      aarch64-linux-android-objcopy can't identify the value of
      CONFIG_SPL_MAX_SIZE as format "(124 * 1024)", error message
      like below:
      	aarch64-linux-android-4.9/bin/aarch64-linux-android-objcopy: --pad-to:
      	bad number: (124 * 1024)
      Test: build and loaded on imx8m board.
      Change-Id: I19b609011e3056200767ef7648a64a5050a88d36
      Signed-off-by: default avatarLuo Ji <ji.luo@nxp.com>