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# I2C subsystem configuration

menu "I2C support"

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config DM_I2C
	bool "Enable Driver Model for I2C drivers"
	depends on DM
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	  Enable driver model for I2C. The I2C uclass interface: probe, read,
	  write and speed, is implemented with the bus drivers operations,
	  which provide methods for bus setting and data transfer. Each chip
	  device (bus child) info is kept as parent platdata. The interface
	  is defined in include/i2c.h. When i2c bus driver supports the i2c
	  uclass, but the device drivers not, then DM_I2C_COMPAT config can
	  be used as compatibility layer.

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config DM_I2C_COMPAT
	bool "Enable I2C compatibility layer"
	depends on DM
	  Enable old-style I2C functions for compatibility with existing code.
	  This option can be enabled as a temporary measure to avoid needing
	  to convert all code for a board in a single commit. It should not
	  be enabled for any board in an official release.

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	tristate "Chrome OS EC tunnel I2C bus"
	depends on CROS_EC
	  This provides an I2C bus that will tunnel i2c commands through to
	  the other side of the Chrome OS EC to the I2C bus connected there.
	  This will work whatever the interface used to talk to the EC (SPI,
	  I2C or LPC). Some Chromebooks use this when the hardware design
	  does not allow direct access to the main PMIC from the AP.

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config I2C_CROS_EC_LDO
	bool "Provide access to LDOs on the Chrome OS EC"
	depends on CROS_EC
	On many Chromebooks the main PMIC is inaccessible to the AP. This is
	often dealt with by using an I2C pass-through interface provided by
	the EC. On some unfortunate models (e.g. Spring) the pass-through
	is not available, and an LDO message is available instead. This
	option enables a driver which provides very basic access to those
	regulators, via the EC. We implement this as an I2C bus	which
	emulates just the TPS65090 messages we know about. This is done to
	avoid duplicating the logic in the TPS65090 regulator driver for
	enabling/disabling an LDO.

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config DM_I2C_GPIO
	bool "Enable Driver Model for software emulated I2C bus driver"
	depends on DM_I2C && DM_GPIO
	  Enable the i2c bus driver emulation by using the GPIOs. The bus GPIO
	  configuration is given by the device tree. Kernel-style device tree
	  bindings are supported.
	  Binding info: doc/device-tree-bindings/i2c/i2c-gpio.txt

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Songjun Wu committed
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config SYS_I2C_AT91
	bool "Atmel I2C driver"
	depends on DM_I2C && ARCH_AT91
	  Add support for the Atmel I2C driver. A serious problem is that there
	  is no documented way to issue repeated START conditions for more than
	  two messages, as needed to support combined I2C messages. Use the
	  i2c-gpio driver unless your system can cope with this limitation.
	  Binding info: doc/device-tree-bindings/i2c/i2c-at91.txt

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config SYS_I2C_FSL
       bool "Freescale I2C bus driver"
       depends on DM_I2C
	  Add support for Freescale I2C busses as used on MPC8240, MPC8245, and
	  MPC85xx processors.

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	tristate "Cadence I2C Controller"
	depends on DM_I2C && (ARCH_ZYNQ || ARM64)
	  Say yes here to select Cadence I2C Host Controller. This controller is
	  e.g. used by Xilinx Zynq.

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config SYS_I2C_DW
	bool "Designware I2C Controller"
	default n
	  Say yes here to select the Designware I2C Host Controller. This
	  controller is used in various SoCs, e.g. the ST SPEAr, Altera
	  SoCFPGA, Synopsys ARC700 and some Intel x86 SoCs.

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	bool "DW I2C Enable Status Register not supported"
	depends on SYS_I2C_DW && (TARGET_SPEAR300 || TARGET_SPEAR310 || \
	default y
	  Some versions of the Designware I2C controller do not support the
	  enable status register. This config option can be enabled in such

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config SYS_I2C_INTEL
	bool "Intel I2C/SMBUS driver"
	depends on DM_I2C
	  Add support for the Intel SMBUS driver. So far this driver is just
	  a stub which perhaps some basic init. There is no implementation of
	  the I2C API meaning that any I2C operations will immediately fail
	  for now.

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config SYS_I2C_MXC
	bool "NXP i.MX I2C driver"
	depends on MX6
	  Add support for the NXP i.MX I2C driver. This supports upto for bus
	  channels and operating on standard mode upto 100 kbits/s and fast
	  mode upto 400 kbits/s.

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Simon Glass committed
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	bool "Rockchip I2C driver"
	depends on DM_I2C
	  Add support for the Rockchip I2C driver. This is used with various
	  Rockchip parts such as RK3126, RK3128, RK3036 and RK3288. All chips
	  have several I2C ports and all are provided, controled by the
	  device tree.

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	bool "Sandbox I2C driver"
	depends on SANDBOX && DM_I2C
	  Enable I2C support for sandbox. This is an emulation of a real I2C
	  bus. Devices can be attached to the bus using the device tree
	  which specifies the driver to use. As an example, see this device
	  tree fragment from sandbox.dts. It shows that the I2C bus has a
	  single EEPROM at address 0x2c (7-bit address) which is emulated by
	  the driver for "sandbox,i2c-eeprom", which is in

	  i2c@0 {
		#address-cells = <1>;
		#size-cells = <0>;
		reg = <0>;
		compatible = "sandbox,i2c";
		clock-frequency = <400000>;
		eeprom@2c {
			reg = <0x2c>;
			compatible = "i2c-eeprom";
			emul {
				compatible = "sandbox,i2c-eeprom";
				sandbox,filename = "i2c.bin";
				sandbox,size = <128>;

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config SYS_I2C_S3C24X0
	bool "Samsung I2C driver"
	depends on ARCH_EXYNOS4 && DM_I2C
	  Support for Samsung I2C controller as Samsung SoCs.

164 165 166 167 168
	bool "UniPhier I2C driver"
	depends on ARCH_UNIPHIER && DM_I2C
	default y
169 170
	  Support for UniPhier I2C controller driver.  This I2C controller
	  is used on PH1-LD4, PH1-sLD8 or older UniPhier SoCs.
171 172 173 174 175 176

	bool "UniPhier FIFO-builtin I2C driver"
	depends on ARCH_UNIPHIER && DM_I2C
	default y
	  Support for UniPhier FIFO-builtin I2C controller driver.
	  This I2C controller is used on PH1-Pro4 or newer UniPhier SoCs.

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	bool "Marvell I2C driver"
	depends on DM_I2C
	  Support for Marvell I2C controllers as used on the orion5x and
	  kirkwood SoC families.

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config TEGRA186_BPMP_I2C
	bool "Enable Tegra186 BPMP-based I2C driver"
	depends on TEGRA186_BPMP
	  Support for Tegra I2C controllers managed by the BPMP (Boot and
	  Power Management Processor). On Tegra186, some I2C controllers are
	  directly controlled by the main CPU, whereas others are controlled
	  by the BPMP, and can only be accessed by the main CPU via IPC
	  requests to the BPMP. This driver covers the latter case.

source "drivers/i2c/muxes/Kconfig"
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