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menu "MMC Host controller Support"

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config MMC
	bool "Enable MMC support"
	depends on ARCH_SUNXI
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	  TODO: Move all architectures to use this option

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config DM_MMC
	bool "Enable MMC controllers using Driver Model"
	depends on DM
	  This enables the MultiMediaCard (MMC) uclass which suports MMC and
	  Secure Digital I/O (SDIO) cards. Both removable (SD, micro-SD, etc.)
	  and non-removable (e.g. eMMC chip) devices are supported. These
	  appear as block devices in U-Boot and can support filesystems such
	  as EXT4 and FAT.

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	bool "Rockchip SD/MMC controller support"
	depends on DM_MMC && OF_CONTROL
	  This enables support for the Rockchip SD/MMM controller, which is
	  based on Designware IP. The device is compatible with at least
	  SD 3.0, SDIO 3.0 and MMC 4.5 and supports common eMMC chips as well
	  as removeable SD and micro-SD cards.

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config SH_SDHI
	bool "SuperH/Renesas ARM SoCs on-chip SDHI host controller support"
	depends on RMOBILE
	  Support for the on-chip SDHI host controller on SuperH/Renesas ARM SoCs platform