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U-boot config options used in fec_mxc.c

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	Selects fec_mxc.c to be compiled into u-boot. Can read out the
	ethaddr from the SoC eFuses (see below).
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	Must be defined if CONFIG_FEC_MXC is defined.

	Defaults to MII100 for 100 Base-tx.
	RGMII selects 1000 Base-tx reduced pin count interface.
	RMII selects 100 Base-tx reduced pin count interface.

	Forced on iff MX28.
	Swaps the bytes order of all words(4 byte units) in the packet.
	This should not be specified by a board file. It is cpu specific.

	fec_mxc supports PHYLIB and should be used for new boards.

	Relevant only if PHYLIB not used. Skips auto-negotiation restart.

	Optional, selects the exact phy address that should be connected
	and function fecmxc_initialize will try to initialize it.
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Reading the ethaddr from the SoC eFuses:
if CONFIG_FEC_MXC is defined and the U-Boot environment does not contain the
ethaddr variable, then its value gets read from the corresponding eFuses in
the SoC. See the README files of the specific SoC for details.