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    arm: socfpga: enable data/inst prefetch and shared override in the L2 · 8d8e13e1
    Dinh Nguyen authored
    Update the L2 AUX CTRL settings for the SoCFPGA.
    Enabling D and I prefetch bits helps improve SDRAM performance on the
    Also, we need to enable bit 22 of the L2. By not having bit 22 set in the
    PL310 Auxiliary Control register (shared attribute override enable) has the
    side effect of transforming Normal Shared Non-cacheable reads into Cacheable
    no-allocate reads.
    Coherent DMA buffers in Linux always have a Cacheable alias via the
    kernel linear mapping and the processor can speculatively load cache
    lines into the PL310 controller. With bit 22 cleared, Non-cacheable
    reads would unexpectedly hit such cache lines leading to buffer
    Signed-off-by: default avatarDinh Nguyen <dinguyen@opensource.altera.com>
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