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    * Avoid flicker on the TRAB's VFD by synchronizing the enable with · 06d01dbe
    wdenk authored
      the HSYNC/VSYNC. Requires new CPLD code (Version 101 for Rev. 100
      boards, version 153 for Rev. 200 boards).
    * Patch by Vladimir Gurevich, 12 Mar 2003:
      Fix relocation problem of statically initialized string pointers
      in common/cmd_pci.c
    * Patch by Kai-Uwe Blöm, 12 Mar 2003:
      Cleanup & bug fixes for JFFS2 code:
      - the memory mangement was broken. It caused havoc on malloc by
        writing beyond the block boundaries.
      - the length calculation for files was wrong, sometimes resulting
        in short file reads.
      - data copying now optionally takes fragment version numbers into
        account, to avoid copying from older data.
      See doc/README.JFFS2 for details.
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