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    test/py: HTML awesome! · 83357fd5
    Stephen Warren authored
    Implement three improvements to the HTML log file:
    - Ability to expand/contract sections. All passing sections are contracted
      at file load time so the user can concentrate on issues requiring
    - The overall status report is copied to the top of the log for easy
    - Add links from the status report to the test logs, for easy navigation.
    This all relies on Javascript and the jquery library. If the user doesn't
    have Javascript enabled, or jquery can't be downloaded, the log should
    look and behave identically to how it did before this patch.
    A few notes on the diff:
    - A few more 'with log.section("xxx")' were added, so that all stream
      blocks are kept within a section block for consistent HTML entity
      nesting structure. This changed indentation in a few places, making
      the diff look slightly larger.
    - HTML entity IDs are cleaned up. We assign simple incrementing integer
      IDs now, rather than using mangled test names which were possibly
    - Sections and streams now use common CSS class names (in addition to the
      current separate class names) to more easily share the new behaviour.
      This also reduces the CSS file size since rules don't need to be
    - An "OK" status is logged after some external command executions so that
      make and flash steps are auto-contracted at log file load time, assuming
      they passed.
    Signed-off-by: default avatarStephen Warren <swarren@nvidia.com>
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