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    arm: imx: add i.MX53 Beckhoff CX9020 Embedded PC · 98d62e61
    Patrick Bruenn authored
    Add CX9020 board based on mx53loco.
    Add simplified imx53 base device tree from kernel v4.8-rc8, to reuse
    serial_mxc with DTE and prepare for device tree migration of other
    functions and imx53 devices.
    The CX9020 differs from i.MX53 Quick Start Board by:
    - use uart2 instead of uart1
    - DVI-D connector instead of VGA
    - no audio
    - CCAT FPGA connected to emi
    - enable rtc
    Signed-off-by: default avatarPatrick Bruenn <p.bruenn@beckhoff.com>
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