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    net: TFTP: variables cleanup and addition · f5fb7346
    Albert ARIBAUD \(3ADEV\) authored
    TFTP source and destination port variable names are
    'tftpsrcp' and 'tftpdstp' in the code, but 'tftpsrcport'
    and 'tftpdstport' in the README file. Fix the README.
    Add environment variable 'tftptimeoutcountmax'. As per the
    comments about the global variable tftp_timeout_count_max,
    make sure tftptimeoutcountmax is nonnegative.
    Introduce configuration option CONFIG_NET_TFTP_VARS,
    which controls whether environment variables tftpblocksize,
    tftptimeout, and tftptimoueoutcountmax are read by the TFTP
    client code. CONFIG_NET_TFTP_VARS defaults to y but can be
    set to n by targets with to tight size contraints.
    Make bf527-ezkit set CONFIG_NET_TFTP_VARS to n to keep the
    target size below limit.
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