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    Don't add symlink in srctree when using an objtree · a9d8bc98
    Loïc Minier authored
    When building with srctree != objtree, the build creates arch/soc/cpu
    specific symlinks in the source tree.  This means that the same source
    tree can't be used for multiple builds at the same time.  Also, these
    symlinks in the source tree are only cleaned up if one passes the same
    O= to distclean.
    When srctree != objtree, mkconfig creates an $objtree/include2 directory
    in the objtree to host the asm -> arch/$arch/include/asm symlink so that
    "#include <asm>" can be used.  But it also creates another identical
    symlink in $objtree/include.
    Then, mkconfig creates two symlinks:
    $objtree/include/asm/arch -> arch/$arch/include/asm/arch-$cpu (or $soc)
    $objtree/include/asm/proc -> arch/$arch/include/asm/proc-armv (on arm)
    but because $objtree/include/asm points at $srctree already, the two
    symlinks are created under $srctree.
    To fix this, create a real $objtree/include/asm directory, instead of a
    symlink.  Update cleanup code accordingly.
    Signed-off-by: default avatarLoïc Minier <loic.minier@linaro.org>
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