Commit 0fbdaa0e authored by Bin Meng's avatar Bin Meng

acpi: Clean IASL generated intermediate files

For boards that support ACPI, there are dsdt.aml, dsdt.asl.tmp and
dsdt.c in the board directory after a successful build. These are
intermediate files generated by IASL, and should be removed during
a 'make clean'.
Signed-off-by: 's avatarBin Meng <>
Reviewed-by: 's avatarSimon Glass <>
parent efd4be4c
......@@ -1452,6 +1452,7 @@ clean: $(clean-dirs)
-o -name '.*.d' -o -name '.*.tmp' -o -name '*.mod.c' \
-o -name '*.symtypes' -o -name 'modules.order' \
-o -name modules.builtin -o -name '.tmp_*.o.*' \
-o -name 'dsdt.aml' -o -name 'dsdt.asl.tmp' -o -name 'dsdt.c' \
-o -name '*.gcno' \) -type f -print | xargs rm -f
# mrproper - Delete all generated files, including .config
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