Commit 1f727885 authored by Vadim Bendebury's avatar Vadim Bendebury Committed by Simon Glass

patman: make run results better visible

For an occasional user of patman some failures are not obvious: for
instance when checkpatch reports warnings, the dry run still reports
that the email would be sent. If it is not dry run, the warnings are
shown on the screen, but it is not clear that the email was not sent.

Add some code to report failure to send email explicitly.

Tested by running the script on a patch with style violations,
observed error messages in the script output.
Signed-off-by: default avatarVadim Bendebury <>
Reviewed-by: default avatarDoug Anderson <>
Acked-by: default avatarSimon Glass <>
parent 950a2313
......@@ -146,13 +146,18 @@ else:
# Email the patches out (giving the user time to check / cancel)
cmd = ''
if ok or options.ignore_errors:
its_a_go = ok or options.ignore_errors
if its_a_go:
cmd = gitutil.EmailPatches(series, cover_fname, args,
options.dry_run, not options.ignore_bad_tags, cc_file,
print col.Color(col.RED, "Not sending emails due to errors/warnings")
# For a dry run, just show our actions as a sanity check
if options.dry_run:
series.ShowActions(args, cmd, options.process_tags)
if not its_a_go:
print col.Color(col.RED, "Email would not be sent")
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