Commit 26f7c111 authored by Masahiro Yamada's avatar Masahiro Yamada Committed by Tom Rini

MAINTAINERS: fix TI DaVinci directory path and add KeyStone

Signed-off-by: default avatarMasahiro Yamada <>
parent 385a08a6
......@@ -151,10 +151,10 @@ ARM TI
M: Tom Rini <>
S: Maintained
T: git git://
F: arch/arm/cpu/arm926ejs/davinci/
F: arch/arm/mach-davinci/
F: arch/arm/mach-keystone/
F: arch/arm/cpu/arm926ejs/omap/
F: arch/arm/cpu/armv7/omap*/
F: arch/arm/include/asm/arch-davinci/
F: arch/arm/include/asm/arch-omap*/
F: arch/arm/include/asm/ti-common/
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