Commit 2bcfc012 authored by Jean-Jacques Hiblot's avatar Jean-Jacques Hiblot Committed by Jason Liu

mmc: make mmc_set_ios() return status

set_ios callback has a return value of 'int' but the mmc_set_ios()
function ignore this. Modify mmc_set_ios() and the callers of mmc_set_ios() to
to return the error status.
Signed-off-by: default avatarJean-Jacques Hiblot <>
Reviewed-by: default avatarSimon Glass <>
parent ca75b231
......@@ -1193,14 +1193,18 @@ static inline int bus_width(uint cap)
static void mmc_set_ios(struct mmc *mmc)
static int mmc_set_ios(struct mmc *mmc)
int ret = 0;
if (mmc->cfg->ops->set_ios)
ret = mmc->cfg->ops->set_ios(mmc);
return ret;
void mmc_set_clock(struct mmc *mmc, uint clock)
int mmc_set_clock(struct mmc *mmc, uint clock)
if (clock > mmc->cfg->f_max)
clock = mmc->cfg->f_max;
......@@ -1210,14 +1214,14 @@ void mmc_set_clock(struct mmc *mmc, uint clock)
mmc->clock = clock;
return mmc_set_ios(mmc);
static void mmc_set_bus_width(struct mmc *mmc, uint width)
static int mmc_set_bus_width(struct mmc *mmc, uint width)
mmc->bus_width = width;
return mmc_set_ios(mmc);
void mmc_dump_capabilities(const char *text, uint caps)
......@@ -540,7 +540,7 @@ int mmc_unbind(struct udevice *dev);
int mmc_initialize(bd_t *bis);
int mmc_init(struct mmc *mmc);
int mmc_read(struct mmc *mmc, u64 src, uchar *dst, int size);
void mmc_set_clock(struct mmc *mmc, uint clock);
int mmc_set_clock(struct mmc *mmc, uint clock);
struct mmc *find_mmc_device(int dev_num);
int mmc_set_dev(int dev_num);
void print_mmc_devices(char separator);
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