Commit 4b6035da authored by Fabio Estevam's avatar Fabio Estevam Committed by Tom Rini

mx6sabresd: Make Ethernet functional again

Since commit ce412b79 ("drivers: net: phy: atheros: add separate
config for AR8031") ethernet does not work on mx6sabresd.

This commit correctly assigns ar8031_config() as the configuration
function for AR8031 in the same way as done in the Linux kernel.

However, on mx6sabresd design we need some additional configuration,
such as enabling the 125 MHz AR8031 output that needs to be done
in the board file.

This also aligns with the same method that the kernel performs
the AR8031 fixup in arch/arm/mach-imx/mach-imx6q.c.
Signed-off-by: default avatarFabio Estevam <>
parent 97bb1f0b
......@@ -362,6 +362,39 @@ int board_mmc_init(bd_t *bis)
static int ar8031_phy_fixup(struct phy_device *phydev)
unsigned short val;
/* To enable AR8031 ouput a 125MHz clk from CLK_25M */
phy_write(phydev, MDIO_DEVAD_NONE, 0xd, 0x7);
phy_write(phydev, MDIO_DEVAD_NONE, 0xe, 0x8016);
phy_write(phydev, MDIO_DEVAD_NONE, 0xd, 0x4007);
val = phy_read(phydev, MDIO_DEVAD_NONE, 0xe);
val &= 0xffe3;
val |= 0x18;
phy_write(phydev, MDIO_DEVAD_NONE, 0xe, val);
/* introduce tx clock delay */
phy_write(phydev, MDIO_DEVAD_NONE, 0x1d, 0x5);
val = phy_read(phydev, MDIO_DEVAD_NONE, 0x1e);
val |= 0x0100;
phy_write(phydev, MDIO_DEVAD_NONE, 0x1e, val);
return 0;
int board_phy_config(struct phy_device *phydev)
if (phydev->drv->config)
return 0;
#if defined(CONFIG_VIDEO_IPUV3)
static void disable_lvds(struct display_info_t const *dev)
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