Commit 50970839 authored by Richard Retanubun's avatar Richard Retanubun Committed by Wolfgang Denk

part_efi: Fix partition size calculation due to inclusive ending LBA.

The ending LBA is inclusive. Hence, the partition size should be
((ending-LBA + 1) - starting-LBA) to get the proper partition size.

This is confirmed against the results from the parted tool.
(e.g. use parted /dev/sda -s unit S print) and observe the size.
Signed-off-by: default avatarRichard Retanubun <>
parent b5b004ad
......@@ -163,7 +163,9 @@ int get_partition_info_efi(block_dev_desc_t * dev_desc, int part,
/* The ulong casting limits the maximum disk size to 2 TB */
info->start = (ulong) le64_to_int((*pgpt_pte)[part - 1].starting_lba);
info->size = (ulong) le64_to_int((*pgpt_pte)[part - 1].ending_lba) - info->start;
/* The ending LBA is inclusive, to calculate size, add 1 to it */
info->size = ((ulong)le64_to_int((*pgpt_pte)[part - 1].ending_lba) + 1)
- info->start;
info->blksz = GPT_BLOCK_SIZE;
sprintf((char *)info->name, "%s%d\n", GPT_ENTRY_NAME, part);
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