Commit 55964bb6 authored by ramneek mehresh's avatar ramneek mehresh Committed by York Sun

powerpc/usb: Mention usb1 before usb2 inside default hwconfig string

For USB device-tree fix-up to work properly, its necessary to
mention USB1 options before that of USB2 inside default hwconfig
Signed-off-by: default avatarRamneek Mehresh <>
parent 4544fd29
......@@ -700,8 +700,8 @@
"hwconfig=fsl_ddr:ctlr_intlv=cacheline," \
"bank_intlv=cs0_cs1;" \
"usb2:dr_mode=peripheral,phy_type=" __stringify(__USB_PHY_TYPE) ";"\
"usb1:dr_mode=host,phy_type=" __stringify(__USB_PHY_TYPE) "\0"\
"usb1:dr_mode=host,phy_type=" __stringify(__USB_PHY_TYPE) ";"\
"usb2:dr_mode=peripheral,phy_type=" __stringify(__USB_PHY_TYPE) "\0"\
"netdev=eth0\0" \
"uboot=" __stringify(CONFIG_UBOOTPATH) "\0" \
"ubootaddr=" __stringify(CONFIG_SYS_TEXT_BASE) "\0" \
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