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ARM: UniPhier: document reference support card

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......@@ -85,6 +85,48 @@ Supported devices
- Support card (SRAM, NOR flash, some peripherals)
Micro Support Card
The recommended bit switch settings are as follows:
SW2 OFF(1)/ON(0) Description
bit 1 <---- BKSZ[0]
bit 2 ----> BKSZ[1]
bit 3 <---- SoC Bus Width 16/32
bit 4 <---- SERIAL_SEL[0]
bit 5 ----> SERIAL_SEL[1]
bit 6 ----> BOOTSWAP_EN
bit 7 <---- CS1/CS5
SW8 OFF(1)/ON(0) Description
bit 1 ----> CS1_SPLIT
bit 2 <---- CASE9_ON
bit 3 <---- CASE10_ON
bit 4 Don't Care Reserve
bit 5 Don't Care Reserve
bit 6 Don't Care Reserve
bit 7 ----> BURST_EN
bit 8 ----> FLASHBUS32_16
The BKSZ[1:0] specifies the address range of memory slot and peripherals
as follows:
BKSZ Description RAM slot Peripherals
0b00 15MB RAM / 1MB Peri 00000000-0effffff 0f000000-0fffffff
0b01 31MB RAM / 1MB Peri 00000000-1effffff 1f000000-1fffffff
0b10 64MB RAM / 1MB Peri 00000000-3effffff 3f000000-3fffffff
0b11 127MB RAM / 1MB Peri 00000000-7effffff 7f000000-7fffffff
Set BSKZ[1:0] to 0b01 for U-Boot.
This mode is the most handy because EA[24] is always supported by the save pin
mode of the system bus. On the other hand, EA[25] is not supported for some
newer SoCs. Even if it is, EA[25] is not connected on most of the boards.
Masahiro Yamada <>
Feb. 2015
Masahiro Yamada <>
Jul. 2015
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