Commit 70ee33d7 authored by Ye Li's avatar Ye Li Committed by Jason Liu

MLK-16431-1 xhci-imx8: call board_usb_cleanup when xhci stop

Call the board_usb_cleanup in xhci_imx8_remove (DM) and xhci_hcd_stop (non-DM) to
execute some board level usb stop in cc logic and ss mux.
Signed-off-by: default avatarYe Li <>
parent fbaab32b
...@@ -209,6 +209,8 @@ static int xhci_imx8_remove(struct udevice *dev) ...@@ -209,6 +209,8 @@ static int xhci_imx8_remove(struct udevice *dev)
if (!ret) if (!ret)
imx8_xhci_reset(); imx8_xhci_reset();
board_usb_cleanup(dev->seq, USB_INIT_HOST);
return ret; return ret;
} }
...@@ -262,5 +264,7 @@ int xhci_hcd_init(int index, struct xhci_hccr **ret_hccr, ...@@ -262,5 +264,7 @@ int xhci_hcd_init(int index, struct xhci_hccr **ret_hccr,
void xhci_hcd_stop(int index) void xhci_hcd_stop(int index)
{ {
imx8_xhci_reset(); imx8_xhci_reset();
board_usb_cleanup(index, USB_INIT_HOST);
} }
#endif #endif
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