Commit 72a7e076 authored by Simon Glass's avatar Simon Glass

Makefile: Allow the SPL final link rule to be overridden

Overriding the final link rule is possible with U-Boot proper. It us used to
create a sandbox image links with host libraries. To build a sandbox SPL
image we need the same feature for SPL.

To support this, update the SPL link rule so sandbox can override it.
Signed-off-by: default avatarSimon Glass <>
parent 12c550d4
......@@ -241,8 +241,10 @@ cmd_mksunxiboot = $(objtree)/tools/mksunxiboot $< $@
$(obj)/sunxi-spl.bin: $(obj)/$(SPL_BIN).bin FORCE
$(call if_changed,mksunxiboot)
quiet_cmd_u-boot-spl = LD $@
cmd_u-boot-spl = (cd $(obj) && $(LD) $(LDFLAGS) $(LDFLAGS_$(@F)) \
# Rule to link u-boot-spl
# May be overridden by arch/$(ARCH)/
quiet_cmd_u-boot-spl ?= LD $@
cmd_u-boot-spl ?= (cd $(obj) && $(LD) $(LDFLAGS) $(LDFLAGS_$(@F)) \
$(patsubst $(obj)/%,%,$(u-boot-spl-init)) --start-group \
$(patsubst $(obj)/%,%,$(u-boot-spl-main)) --end-group \
$(PLATFORM_LIBS) -Map $(SPL_BIN).map -o $(SPL_BIN))
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