Commit 72c4c33e authored by Nobuhiro Iwamatsu's avatar Nobuhiro Iwamatsu Committed by Wolfgang Denk

net: eepro100: Add initialized eth_device structure

eepro100 driver does not have write_hwaddr function.
However, eth stuff executes write_hwaddr function
because eth_device structure has not been initialized.
Signed-off-by: default avatarNobuhiro Iwamatsu <>
CC: Ben Warren <>
parent be44f758
......@@ -450,6 +450,11 @@ int eepro100_initialize (bd_t * bis)
dev = (struct eth_device *) malloc (sizeof *dev);
if (!dev) {
printf("eepro100: Can not allocate memory\n");
memset(dev, 0, sizeof(*dev));
sprintf (dev->name, "i82559#%d", card_number);
dev->priv = (void *) devno; /* this have to come before bus_to_phys() */
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