Commit 7e5a32fc authored by Nikhil Badola's avatar Nikhil Badola Committed by Marek Vasut

drivers: usb: fsl: Remove warnings for 64-bit architectures

Replace uint32_t with uintptr_t to remove compilation
warnings for 64-bit architectures.
Signed-off-by: default avatarNikhil Badola <>
parent 081a1b73
......@@ -91,12 +91,12 @@ int xhci_hcd_init(int index, struct xhci_hccr **hccr, struct xhci_hcor **hcor)
*hccr = (struct xhci_hccr *)ctx->hcd;
*hcor = (struct xhci_hcor *)((uint32_t) *hccr
*hcor = (struct xhci_hcor *)((uintptr_t) *hccr
+ HC_LENGTH(xhci_readl(&(*hccr)->cr_capbase)));
debug("fsl-xhci: init hccr %x and hcor %x hc_length %d\n",
(uint32_t)*hccr, (uint32_t)*hcor,
debug("fsl-xhci: init hccr %lx and hcor %lx hc_length %lx\n",
(uintptr_t)*hccr, (uintptr_t)*hcor,
return ret;
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