Commit 979a1f8b authored by Andrew F. Davis's avatar Andrew F. Davis Committed by Tom Rini

ti_armv7_keystone2: env: Add NFS loading support for PMMC and MON

NFS loading support has been added to the default environment for
most boot components, as PMMC and MON loading were added later they
did not originally get the NFS commands added, add these now.
Signed-off-by: default avatarAndrew F. Davis <>
Reviewed-by: default avatarLokesh Vutla <>
parent ac342866
......@@ -220,6 +220,8 @@
"set_rd_spec=setenv rd_spec ${rdaddr}:${filesize}\0" \
"init_fw_rd_net=dhcp ${rdaddr} ${tftp_root}/${name_fw_rd}; " \
"run set_rd_spec\0" \
"init_fw_rd_nfs=nfs ${rdaddr} ${nfs_root}/boot/${name_fw_rd}; " \
"run set_rd_spec\0" \
"init_fw_rd_ramfs=setenv rd_spec -\0" \
"init_fw_rd_ubi=ubifsload ${rdaddr} ${bootdir}/${name_fw_rd}; " \
"run set_rd_spec\0" \
......@@ -228,6 +230,7 @@
"set_name_pmmc=setenv name_pmmc ti-sci-firmware-${soc_variant}.bin\0" \
"dev_pmmc=0\0" \
"get_pmmc_net=dhcp ${loadaddr} ${tftp_root}/${name_pmmc}\0" \
"get_pmmc_nfs=nfs ${loadaddr} ${nfs_root}/boot/${name_pmmc}\0" \
"get_pmmc_ramfs=run get_pmmc_net\0" \
"get_pmmc_mmc=load mmc ${bootpart} ${loadaddr} " \
"${bootdir}/${name_pmmc}\0" \
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