Commit ab584d67 authored by Holger Freyther's avatar Holger Freyther Committed by Tom Rini

The _config target is not present anymore, mention _defconfig instead

The _config part is gone for sure, the _defconfig target could at least
work. I have not verified this for all targets though.
parent bfca6e08
......@@ -252,15 +252,15 @@ Selection of Processor Architecture and Board Type:
For all supported boards there are ready-to-use default
configurations available; just type "make <board_name>_config".
configurations available; just type "make <board_name>_defconfig".
Example: For a TQM823L module type:
cd u-boot
make TQM823L_config
make TQM823L_defconfig
For the Cogent platform, you need to specify the CPU type as well;
e.g. "make cogent_mpc8xx_config". And also configure the cogent
e.g. "make cogent_mpc8xx_defconfig". And also configure the cogent
directory according to the instructions in cogent/README.
......@@ -4847,9 +4847,9 @@ U-Boot is intended to be simple to build. After installing the
sources you must configure U-Boot for one specific board type. This
is done by typing:
make NAME_config
make NAME_defconfig
where "NAME_config" is the name of one of the existing configu-
where "NAME_defconfig" is the name of one of the existing configu-
rations; see boards.cfg for supported names.
Note: for some board special configuration names may exist; check if
......@@ -4858,10 +4858,10 @@ Note: for some board special configuration names may exist; check if
or with LCD support. You can select such additional "features"
when choosing the configuration, i. e.
make TQM823L_config
make TQM823L_defconfig
- will configure for a plain TQM823L, i. e. no LCD support
make TQM823L_LCD_config
make TQM823L_LCD_defconfig
- will configure for a TQM823L with U-Boot console on LCD
......@@ -4881,14 +4881,14 @@ this behavior and build U-Boot to some external directory:
1. Add O= to the make command line invocations:
make O=/tmp/build distclean
make O=/tmp/build NAME_config
make O=/tmp/build NAME_defconfig
make O=/tmp/build all
2. Set environment variable BUILD_DIR to point to the desired location:
export BUILD_DIR=/tmp/build
make distclean
make NAME_config
make NAME_defconfig
make all
Note that the command line "O=" setting overrides the BUILD_DIR environment
......@@ -4914,7 +4914,7 @@ steps:
your board
3. If you're porting U-Boot to a new CPU, then also create a new
directory to hold your CPU specific code. Add any files you need.
4. Run "make <board>_config" with your new name.
4. Run "make <board>_defconfig" with your new name.
5. Type "make", and you should get a working "u-boot.srec" file
to be installed on your target system.
6. Debug and solve any problems that might arise.
......@@ -5494,7 +5494,7 @@ which was introduced for our predecessor project PPCBoot and uses a
make TQM850L_config
make TQM850L_defconfig
make oldconfig
make dep
make uImage
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